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24. April 2017 | Events & Dates

Low-damage processing of carbon yarns

Profilbandgewebe The Institut für Textilmaschinen und Textile Hochleistungswerkstofftechnik (ITM) is showcasing the direct manufacturing of profiled semi-finished products consisting of high performance fibers for automotive and aircraft construction, shipbuilding and plant more

24. April 2017 | Events & Dates

Protection against heat and flame

Fasern schützen In their labs, the Colmar-based French company Kermel designs, produces and develops fire-resistant fibers. Certified to the ecological more

24. April 2017

Sanitized: Functionality and long-lasting material protection

Technische Outdoor-Textilien In Frankfurt, Germany, Switzerland-based Sanitized AG will be presenting innovative material protection solutions, which securely and permanently prevent mold and mildew, algae, pink stain and bacteria. more

24. April 2017 | Events & Dates

Techtextil: Big interest from Italy

Around 70 Italian machinery manufacturers are slated to take part in the upcoming edition of Techtextil Frankfurt - a number that has grown over the years and a testament to the interest Italy’s textile machinery sector places in the technical and innovative textiles market. more

24. April 2017 | Events & Dates

Airbag with sensor-based inflation

Airbag The Institut für Textiltechnik (ITA) of RWTH Aachen University shows at the Elmatex booth (hall 3.0, D07) the exhibits “Tailored Non-crimp Fabrics (T-NCF)”, a “hybrid reinforced Organo-sheet”, “PolyTube” and “ScaffBag”. They demonstrate how textile non-crimp fabrics could be tailor designed, how staple fiber nonwovens made of Carbon with 3D fabric more

21. April 2017

Four layers for pure air

Freude über den Gewinn des FILTREX Innovation Award  The filter’s most striking feature is its four biocide- and nanosilver-free filter layers, which provide almost 100 % protection against particulate matter and allergens. more

20. April 2017 | News, Views & Markets

Chomarat to invest 35 million euros

The international textile Group Chomarat is announcing that it has set up an investment plan worth 35 million euros. more

20. April 2017 | Events & Dates

Groz-Beckert: Knitting, Weaving, Felting, Carding & Sewing in hall 3.0 at booth F03

EvoStep-Garnitur Groz-Beckert will be at the Techtextil presenting its comprehensive product portfolio and service offering in the areas of Knitting, Weaving, Felting, Carding and Sewing in hall 3.0 at booth F03. more

20. April 2017 | Events & Dates

Ready for the Future - International Innovation Days @ eurolaser

eurolaser Innovation Days  The German manufacturer of high-quality laser cutting systems invites interested parties from all over the world to two days packed with technical innovations and exciting live demonstrations. more

19. April 2017 | News, Views & Markets

INDA welcomes six new members to Board of Directors

INDA announces the election of six new members to its board of directors for 2017.

19. April 2017 | News, Views & Markets

Celebrating the future with a jubilee

On the occasion of Karl Mayer’s 80th anniversary, the company invites you to an in-house show at its headquarters in Obertshausen at the beginning of
July 2017

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