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03. March 2017 | Research & Development

Gentle processing of the recycled carbon fibers to produce novel high-performance hybrid yarns

Speziallaborkrempelanlage am ITM von der Firma DILO  ‚Deutscher Rohstoffeffizienz-Preis 2016 (German Raw Material Efficiency Award 2016)‘ in favor of the ITM, TU Dresden and the Oskar Dilo Maschinenfabrik KG for the implementation of a world-wide unique production process of rCF high-performance hybrid yarns for fiber composite materials from the fundamental research up to industrial process more

09. February 2017 | Research & Development

Award for project 4D textile

Prof. Thomas Gries, Kristina Simonis und David Schmelzeisen mit dem RWTH Innovation Award The scientific employees Dr. Valentine Gesché, David Schmelzeisen and Kristina Simonis of Institut für Textiltechnik (ITA) of RWTH Aachen University under the leadership of Prof. Thomas Gries won RWTH Innovation Award for more

09. January 2017 | Research & Development

Climate seat

Völkle Bürostühle In a ZIM (Central Innovation Programme for SMEs) project, Völkle Bürostühle worked with the Hohenstein Institut für Textilinnovation to develop an innovative office chair. It has ventilation channels going all the way from the cover, through the cushioning foam to more

03. January 2017 | Research & Development

Little holes with a big impact

Lasergebohrte Spinndüsen für Cellulosefasern mit neuen Eigenschaften A stainless steel disc around 4 mm thick, is illuminated by a bright green beam of laser light. With high energy, the ultra-short-pulsed laser beam bores into the surface of the metal repeatedly, until a large number of holes more

17. November 2016 | News, Views & Markets

Smart textiles for an easier life

The Dream2Lab2Fab (pronounced: Dream-to-Lab-to-Fab) located at Vaalser Strasse 460 in Aachen was inaugurated. more

07. November 2016 | Research & Development

Recycling-compatible use of fiber composites in civil engineering

In October the doctoral school “VERBUND.NRW” (German: Fortschrittskolleg) started which is funded by a new North Rhine-Westphalia support programme. In this programme, eleven doctoral more

02. September 2016 | Research & Development

Smart Textiles: Newcomer to the textile industry

Smart Textiles bieten großes Potential nicht nur für die Textilbranche By using microelectronic and modern production technology, textiles are developing into multifunctional carriers – they measure body functions, increase our efficiency and communicate with us, the consumer, directly via our smartphone. more

23. August 2016 | Research & Development

Development of textiles with a sensory cooling effect

Sensorische Kühlempfindung durch Bekleidung As part of an IGF research project (AiF No. 18181 N), scientists at the Hohenstein Institute in Boennigheim have been developing and analysing a textile finish that provides a sensory cooling effect. Sensory cooling is the term used to more

11. August 2016 | Research & Development

Controllable odour filter system

The Institute for textil technology (Institut für Textiltechnik, ITA) of the RWTH Aachen University is working with Unitechnics KG, Schwerin, Germany, to develop a controllable, compact filter system to remove H₂S from exhaust air in wastewater treatment plants. This cooperation project is called “Reaktivfilter”. The approach is to attach a reactive substance to a carrier material so that the toxin in the exhaust air neutralises. Different filter media are developed for this purpose. Nonwovens can more

27. July 2016 | Research & Development

Wound dressings made from bacterial alginate

Wundauflage (Nonwoven/Vlies) aus Alginatfasern bakterieller Quelle Researchers establish a biotechnological process to produce bacterial alginate for use as the raw material for fiber-based medical products more

26. July 2016 | Research & Development

"Anti-dust mite textiles" can also relieve neurodermatitis symptoms

Milben ernähren sich von Hautschuppen und Feuchtigkeit. For some time now, people who are allergic to house dust have had the pleasure of knowing when the textiles around them offer proven and effective protection against dust mites. In future, patients suffering from neurodermatitis may also be pleased to find goods that are labelled in this way in the shops. more

01. July 2016 | News, Views & Markets

Honoured junior engineers: VDMA Textile Machinery prizes awarded

On the occasion of the VDMA Textile Machinery Forum at the headquarters of the circular knitting machine manufacturer and technology leader Mayer & Cie. in Albstadt, the Foundation of the German Textile Machinery Industry honoured six successful young engineers. more

29. June 2016 | Research & Development

Lighter and optically more high-grade automotive body parts in future

ITA-doctoral candidate Inga Noll gains the Hanns Voith Foundation Prize 2016 for new materials more

28. June 2016 | Research & Development

"Pollen management"

Aufnahme von Brennnesselpollen auf einem Textil mit dem digitalen 3-D Mikroskop. Special finishes and new test set up for pollen adhesion / repellence may offer hay fever sufferers relief when using every day textiles more

24. June 2016 | Research & Development

Digital method for three-dimensional analysis of the surface of textiles

Digital analytical process leads to development of friction-optimised textiles worn next to the skin

17. June 2016 | Research & Development

SMS-nonwovens for protective clothing with improved performance charateristics

Kissroll Special task of the project was based on the requirement profile for protection class types 5 and 6 to develop improved SMS materials. more

25. May 2016 | Research & Development

„Industrie 4.0 Research at German Research Institutes“

ITA in VDMA compilation “Industrie 4.0 Research at German Research Institutes – An Overview” more

19. May 2016 | Research & Development

Analysis of more gentle textiles for high skin compatibility

Researchers at the Hohenstein Institute have established a digital method for three-dimensional analysis of the surface of textiles that come into direct contact with people's skin. By using the new microscopy technique, the scientists are now able to describe the mechanical nature of more

19. May 2016 | Research & Development

IRG Meltspinning – Industrial Research in progress

Industry Research Group Meltspinning The target groups of the IRG Meltspinning are companies along the entire process chain - from plant manufacturers over polymer proto chemical fibre producers. more

20. April 2016 | Research & Development

"Personal health coaches"

Wearable Technology: Smarte, gedruckte Sensoren zum Bewegungsmonitoring Wearable Technology: Smart printed sensors monitor movement sequences more

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