24. June 2016 | News, Views & Markets

JM enhances glass fiber nonwoven line

The manufacturer of nonwovens Johns Manville (JM) today announced its plan for a substantial technical enhancement to a glass fiber nonwoven line at its Wertheim, Germany facility. The line is expected to be in production by the end of 2017. more

24. June 2016 | Fibers & Filaments

Beaulieu Fibres International delivers watertight support for Panama Canal geotextiles

High Tenacity UV-resistant fibres from B.F.I are the secret strength helping to waterproof and protect the new Panama Canal extensions. more

24. June 2016 | Research & Development

Digital method for three-dimensional analysis of the surface of textiles

Digital analytical process leads to development of friction-optimised textiles worn next to the skin

22. June 2016 | Raw & Auxiliary Materials

CHT: Record investments

Querschnitt eines mit Stabilschaum beschichteten Gewebes For the CHT Group the business year 2015 was a year of superlatives. With historically high sales amounting to 409 million EUR the very strong business year 2014 was even topped. Sales were higher by 23 million EUR respectively 6.1 % than those of the previous year.

22. June 2016 | News, Views & Markets

Automotive Textiles Market worth USD 31.75 Billion by 2024

The global automotive textiles market is expected to reach USD 31.75 billion by 2024, according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc. more

21. June 2016 | News, Views & Markets

Xerium: Start-up of nonwoven belt production in Brazil

Xerium Technologies Inc. is now producing the highly successful Huycon portfolio of belts for nonwoven production lines at the plant in Piracicaba. more

21. June 2016 | Events & Dates

INDA’s World of Wipes 2016 Conference delivers strong WOW factor

INDA recently wrapped up its 10th annual World of Wipes (WOW) International Conference June 7-10 with attendees and board members giving the program content, speaker presentations, and networking high praise. more

20. June 2016 | News, Views & Markets

PEGAS Nonwovens to establish subsidiary in South Africa

Pegas has decided to establish a subsidiary and to commence negotiations about the purchase of land for potential future production site in the Republic of South Africa. more

20. June 2016 | News, Views & Markets

Symbol to help consumers dispose their wipes in the right place

EDANA released the results of a review of wipes packaging in Europe, showing adoption of the industry’s own voluntary Flushability Guidelines for testing, and its labelling Code of Practice for wipes packaging. more

17. June 2016 | News, Views & Markets

PEGAS Nonwovens to locate new production line in Czech Republic

Pegas has decided to locate the new production line in the Czech Republic. In May 2016, the company announced that it was reassessing the location for the new production line. more

17. June 2016 | Research & Development

SMS-nonwovens for protective clothing with improved performance charateristics

Kissroll Special task of the project was based on the requirement profile for protection class types 5 and 6 to develop improved SMS materials. more

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