31. May 2019 | Mobiltech

Award for textile-made induction charging coil

Kupferspule auf Trägertextil
Copper coil on a textile carrier
Source: Kupferspule auf Trägertextil
At this year's Techtextil, Sathis Kumar Selvarayan, researcher at the German Institutes for Textile and Fiber Research (DITF), was awarded the "Techtextil Innovation Award" in the "Applications" category for a textile-made induction charging coil. The prize honours outstanding approaches in the field of technical textiles in five categories.

Contactless charging with induction coils is an important component of future plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles. Since there is little space under the vehicle, it is not easy to integrate these induction coils into vehicles. With currently available solutions it is also only possible to a limited extent to manufacture compact charging systems with high power densities.
As part of the ARENA2036-LeiFu project, a new concept for manufacturing inductive charging coils with textile embroidery technology was developed and implemented.

It is well known that embroidery technology makes it possible to produce highly complex and sophisticated textile designs on a base fabric with several colours and threads. The researchers around Sathis Kumar Selvarayan have succeeded in optimizing the embroidery process so that it is suitable for the production of textile inductive charging coils. This opens up a multitude of new possibilities for using the conventional embroidery process for demanding technical applications in which both rigid and flexible materials are to be processed in parallel.

Sathis Kumar Selvarayan studied textile engineering and is doing his doctorate at the University of Stuttgart. He has been working on the DITF for nine years in the field of fibre composite technology.

By Petra Gottwald

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