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Precise transportation of textiles

Habasit: Punktgenauer Transport
The crosslapper belts have very good release
properties, the tape surface does not become
brittle, does not age prematurely, and there are no
micro-cracks, where fibers are caught.
Source: Habasit
Habasit, from Eppertshausen, Germany, a subsidiary of the Swiss Habasit AG, will be presenting its full portfolio of processing belts, toothed belts and drive belts, conveyor and modular belts for yarn processing, textile printing and nonwoven production. “The advantages of the tried and tested Habasit crosslapper belts are particularly evident in the production of nonwovens, where fibers of uniformly high quality and varying fineness have to be processed,” the belt specialist explains. A uniform web is thus the most crucial quality factor. In order to achieve this, we have developed an extremely conductive and simultaneously chemically resistant belt surface, which does not warp the fiber web and prevents unwanted adhesion. The manufacturer recommends its ENB-6EE, ENB-9EE and ENT-6EE crosslapper belts for such applications.

Heavyweight and lightweight nonwovens
Crosslappers equipped with these belts are able to produce both heavy and lightweight nonwovens up to 4,000 mm wide. Importantly, the manufacturer claims that the belts have excellent release properties, the belt surface does not become brittle, does not age prematurely, and there are no microcracks which fibers could get caught on. “All types and weight classes of fiber currently on the market can be processed smoothly and evenly on these belts. They can be mounted quickly and have a long service life, largely doing away with scrap and minimizing downtime”, the company claims. Another crucial factor for the high performance of these belts is their lateral stiffness, which prevents the formation of wrinkles that could lead to irregularities in the web, as well as preventing wrinkles or warping of the nonwoven itself. The longitudinal flexibility of the belt, on the other hand, ensures excellent flexural capability and high reliability, which will - in particular - improve the production conditions for high-speed machines. Particular attention was paid to the weight of the bands - they are extremely light, thus reducing energy consumption.

Habasit, Hall 3.0, Booth D75
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