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04. December 2018 | Medtech

Covestro: from wound care to wearables

Medtech: Covestro Covestro offers holistic material solutions for all layers of modern wound dressings. Polyurethane adhesive components from the Baymedix A range are characterized by excellent breathability – an important prerequisite for moisture management in advanced wound dressings. more

09. November 2018 | Medtech

Freudenberg to present direct coating with silicone adhesives at Compamed 2018

Freudenberg to present direct coating with silicone adhesives at Compamed 2018. more

09. November 2018 | News, Views & Markets

Future secured at the 33rd Hofer Nonwovens Days

Auf den 33. Hofer Vliesstofftagen diskutierte die auch die Themen Industrie 4.0 und Digitalisierung  The nonwovens industry met for the 33rd time in the Freiheitshalle Hof to discuss future trends, innovations and market situations. Regarding this more

15. October 2018 | Medtech

Empa: medication you can wear

Medikamente zum Anziehen Drug-releasing textiles could, for instance, be used to treat skin wounds. Empa researchers are currently developing polymer fibers that can be equipped with drugs. The smart fibers recognize the need for therapy all by themselves and dose the active ingredients with precision and accuracy.

12. October 2018 | Medtech

Henkel to feature wide range of adhesive innovations for healthcare applications

Henkel auf der COMPAMED 2018 New trends in healthcare materials and manufacturing of medical devices demand new adhesive solutions. Henkel is addressing these challenges with a wide range of innovative product solutions on display at COMPAMED in Düsseldorf (November 12-15, 2018).


03. August 2018 | Medtech

Medi develops orthopedic insoles with glass fiber

medi Rigidus f-tec: Schuheinlage aus GFK If the big toe is stiff and hurts when walking, experts speak of a hallux rigidus. more

08. January 2018 | Medtech

Foam and Nonwovens: Works for the modern wound care

Die Kombination von Schaum und Vlies hilft bei der Wundversorgung Freudenberg Performance Materials is presenting three additions to its foam portfolio: a direct coating of silicone adhesives, MDI-based PU foams, and superabsorbent nonwoven laminates. more

24. November 2017 | Medtech

BASF introduces first bed net to contain non-pyrethroid chemistry

Moskitonetz auf Chlorfenapyr-Basis BASF has received a recommendation from the World Health Organization (WHO) for Interceptor G2, a long-lasting insecticide-treated mosquito net (LN) based on chlorfenapyr. Chlorfenapyr is a completely new insecticide class for combating mosquitoes for public health. more

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