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Cover avr Specials 01/2019

avr Specials 01/2019 - ICE/CCE - Digital Printing, Sustainability, Cutting and Winding, Control

- Digital printing: first experience at Edelmann with Landa S 10

- Digital corrugated board printing  - invest now or wait?

- Sustainability and the Packaging Act

- Innovative cutting and winding

Cover avr Specials 02/2018

avr Specials 02/2018 - Textiles in Motion


  • Editorial / Masthead
  • Drive better with nonwovens
  • Textiles increasingly used in mobility 
  • Nonwoven fabric above the clouds
  • Energy storage
  • Cover story: Discover new interior materials, technologies and innovations

Cover avr Specials 10/2017

avr Specials 10/2017 - STFI – European Textile Research

History & Future

Obstacles, adhesive properties and new solutions

“Preserve the spirit and values of the institute!”

“Experience and trust take time to develop”



Course set for the future

700 customers, over 60 countries

A focus on efficiency and sustainability

Projects & Partners

Nonwovens made from old carbon fibers

A research partnership becomes a friendship

A strong network

Guide with a role model function

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