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04. September 2018 | Mobiltech

New Engel injection molding system at AZL of RWTH Aachen University

Spritzgießsystem im AZL der RWTH Aachen The Aachen Center for Integrative Lightweight Production (AZL) of RWTH Aachen University is installing a new injection molding system in its technical center. more

28. August 2018 | Mobiltech

Freudenberg Group products for cruise ships

Produkte der Freudenberg Gruppe für Kreuzfahrtschiffe Germany is thus ranked third when it comes to cruises, behind the US and China. The Freudenberg Group offers innovative mobility solutions that make cruise ship travel better. more

23. August 2018 | Mobiltech

Resistant, durable, and high-quality car interiors due to high-performance adhesives

Hochleistungsklebstoffe Modern manufacturing processes in the automotive industry would be inconceivable without bonding technology. About 15 kg of adhesive per car are used on average in the production and assembly of the different parts. more

22. August 2018 | Oekotech

Research project for the separation and reprocessing of mixed textile waste

Verarbeitung von technischem Vlies auf der Recyclinganlage recoSTAR universal Within the textile network PlasTexTron, Starlinger recycling technology is searching for an ecologically and economically sound solution for the recycling of mixed textile waste of multi-material composition. more

15. August 2018 | Geotech

Geosynthetic support pad with over 800 t capacity

Appli: Huesker The system for storing extra-heavy units, e.g. monopiles for offshore wind turbines or ship components, impresses by load capacities of 800 t and higher. more

15. August 2018 | Oekotech

FreciousComfort – HVAC filter with biofunctional coating

Appli: Mann+Hummel As a global leader and expert in the field of filtration Mann+Hummel develops innovative solutions for the health and mobility of people. A wide range of products and services enables us to meet the needs of our customers and society. FreciousComfort is the name of the new filter series for air conditioning and ventilation technology. more

14. August 2018 | Mobiltech

Drive better with nonwovens

Sandler sawasorb  Lightweight, high-performance absorber nonwovens provide excellent sound absorption at low product thickness—ideal for narrow installation spaces, e.g. in door side panels, dashboard or boot. more

06. August 2018 | Mobiltech

Trevira and imat-uve introduce new 3D flat knitting technology for automotive interiors

3D-Flachstrick im Automobil In a jointly developed process that unites innovative yarn technologies with cutting-edge connection and finishing techniques, Trevira and imat-uve have found a way of producing anatomically contoured seat covers and trim components for vehicle interiors. more

06. August 2018 | Mobiltech

Cevotec expands application range by multi-material layup for sandwich structures

Neue Fiber Patch Placement Konzepte für die Luftfahrt Cevotec’s FPP specialists are particularly interested in complex sandwich components with their sophisticated material mix, such as adhesive films, glass fiber and carbon fiber layers. more

03. August 2018 | Medtech

Medi develops orthopedic insoles with glass fiber

medi Rigidus f-tec: Schuheinlage aus GFK If the big toe is stiff and hurts when walking, experts speak of a hallux rigidus. more

26. July 2018 | Geotech

Geotextiles as groundwater protection in railway maintenance areas

Tektoseal Active AS schützt den Kies, den Boden und das Grundwasser vor  Ölkontamination Greases and oils used as operating fluids in railway Transportation can pose a threat to the groundwater. more

24. July 2018 | Sporttech

Top sports performance thanks to Composites

Composites im Sport- und Freizeitbereich Sports and leisure are a stable market for fibre composites. According to the ‘Composites Market Report 2017’ some 15% or 167,700 tons of the annual GRP production of 1.118 m tons in Europe were consumed by this application industry last year. more

23. July 2018 | Sporttech

Bostik Adhesive Technology fixes 2018 Tour de France race numbers

Race numbers of the Tour the France are fixed by Bostik adhesives As official partner for smart adhesives at the iconic cycling event, adhesives specialist Bostik has developed an innovative technology which will be used to bond the riders’ race numbers in the 2018 Tour de France. more

20. July 2018 | Mobiltech

Asahi Kasei to acquire Sage Automotive Interiors

Asahi Kasei has decided to acquire Sage Automotive Interiors, Inc. (Sage), a US-based manufacturer of automotive interior material. more

11. July 2018 | Oekotech

RKW launches biodegradable waste bags on the market

Kompostierbare Müllbeutel aus mehr als 50 Prozent nachwachsenden Rohstoffen In the household, the disposal of organic kitchen waste has always been a major challenge: conventional plastic bags may not be disposed of in compostable waste, but paper bags usually soak. more

29. June 2018 | Applications

New ISO 16890 standard for filter testing and assessment

Luftfilter im Auto From 1 July 2018, the ISO 16890 is the only internationally relevant test standard for the classification of air filters. more

27. June 2018 | Packtech

New Ceflex member RKW

Dr. Thomas Gröner, Corporate Director R&D bei RKW Sustainability is a key element of RKW's corporate policy as well as one of the most important subjects in the plastic packaging industry. more

20. June 2018 | Sporttech

Polartec Power Fill now from 100% PCR

Polartec LCC, introduces the upgraded Polartec Power Fill insulation, now made from 100% more

15. June 2018 | Sporttech

coldblack: Schoeller cooperates with Südwolle Group

Schoeller kooperiert mit Südwolle Group Schoeller’s coldblack technology has been specifically optimized for use on knitted and woven fabrics so brands can now expand their product application uses. Under the blazing sun, textiles with coldblack heat up less and stay cool to the touch. Südwolle Group, a leading manufacturer of high quality yarns, has also recognized the ideal combination of merino and coldblack. With this, the wear comfort of wool apparel can be tangibly improved.

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