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12. February 2019 | Indutech/Filtech

Filter Cubes could help to avoid driving bans

Filter Cubes III Filtration specialist MANN+HUMMEL presented a technology which reduces nitrogen dioxide at locations with high levels of pollution. At the end of more

11. February 2019 | Clothtech

Showcase of futuristic urban streetwear

BASF wird gemeinsam mit Seven Crash und San Fang zum Vorreiter in der Modeindustrie Fashion label Seven Crash unveiled its innovative ‘Quantus’ collection of unlimited possibilities with its futuristic urban streetwear outfits at the Autumn/Winter New York Fashion Week 2019. The collection, designed in collaboration with chemical company BASF and downstream fabric maker - San Fang, pushes the boundaries in fabric innovation to enable fashion-forward designs and functionality. more

06. February 2019 | Sporttech

Odor-free polyester functional clothing

Sportkleidung ohne Geruch Polyester sport and functional textiles treated with Sanitized Odoractiv 10 are protected against “permastink”. more

04. February 2019 | Sporttech

Thermal insulation systems made from recycled polyester fibers

Freudenberg: Thermo-Isolierung comf comfortemp thermal insulation: sustainable solutions for every application

28. January 2019 | Sporttech

Thermo regulation to fully enjoy a skiing day

Appli: Fusalp gewinnt mit Polartec Innovationen Ispo Award Fusalp’s Research and Development Department is proud to announce the brand’s success in the Snowsports category of the 2019 ISPO Awards. Fusalp has been rewarded for its ongoing work with innovative technical materials, and notably for integrating the Polartec Alpha active insulation technology & Polartec® Power Fill for maximum warmth into the men’s ‘Monza’ jumpsuit—part of the first Fusalp Futur (‘Piste 1’) capsule. more

24. January 2019 | Protech

More wearing comfort with particle masks

3M - Partikelmaskenserie Since the introduction of the first breathing mask in the flat foldable, three-part design in 1996, 3M has more

24. January 2019 | Fibers & Filaments

Teijin Frontier launches new “Sensing Wear” range

Wearable solutions in sportswear Teijin Frontier Co., Ltd., the Teijin Group's fibers and products converting company, launched a new line of sportswear and other clothing incorporating “wearable solutions”. more

22. January 2019 | Buildtech

BASF: high-performance insulation in first carbon concrete composite facade elements

BASF zeigte Hochleistungsdämmstoffe BASF’s Performance Materials division recently presented high-performance insulating materials at the world's leading trade fair for architecture, materials and systems in Munich. The innovative high-performance products Slentite and Slentex are a new generation of super-slim aerogel-based insulation materials with outstanding material properties. BASF presented its first examples of applications in carbon concrete composite facade elements in a single-family house.

21. January 2019 | Sporttech

New ultra-light avalanche airbag fabric

Ultraleichtes Gewebe für Lawinen-Airbags Porcher Sport is elevating levels of safety for skiers and snow boarders with a new ultra-lightweight avalanche airbag fabric. more

21. January 2019 | Indutech/Filtech

Camfil: day and night in the museum

Camfil: Die Kunst der Luftreinigung Critical parameters for air quality in museums include temperature, relative humidity, lighting, particulate pollution (dust), molecular (gaseous) pollutants, and pests. Various filter solutions are available, but molecular filtration offers a particularly cost-effective method of controlling harmful pollutants which can otherwise have devastating results. more

16. January 2019 | Medtech

Nanocellulose for novel implants

Empa: Ohr aus dem 3-D-Drucker Cellulose obtained from wood has amazing material properties. more

04. January 2019 | Buildtech

The world's first double-curved textile reinforced concrete facade

CurveTex-Fassade mit drapierfähigen elastisch angepassten Bewehrungstextilien aus Alkali-resistenten Glasfasern und Feinbetonmatrix Textile reinforced concrete (TRC) elements have so far only been used as flat panels, flat sandwich structures or simply curved building structures. more

11. December 2018 | Clothtech

Ahlstrom-Munksjö’s sustainable fiber material used in fabric for Nobel Banquet dress

Ceremony master Andrea Montano Montes in a robe made of ?wood fibers?  Ahlstrom-Munksjö, a global leader in fiber-based materials, has for the past years cooperated to develop a recyclable textile material made from locally sourced wood fiber. more

06. December 2018 | Geotech

MoosTex: Active watering regulates fine dust

Modulare Mooswand: MoosTex-Testaufbau auf dem DITF-Gelände in Denkendorf Modular moss walls are intended to make a sustainable contribution to air purification in metropolises polluted with fine dust. more

05. December 2018 | Sporttech

Polartec introduces first fabric technology engineered to reduce fiber shedding

Sporttech: Polartec Power Air The premium provider of innovative and sustainable textile solutions announces Power Air, a fabric technology engineered to reduce fiber shedding. By encapsulating lofted fibers within a multilayer, continuous yarn fabric construction, this revolutionary new platform offers advanced thermal efficiency that is proven to shed five times less than other premium ‘mid-layer’ weight fabrics. more

04. December 2018 | Sporttech

Teijin develops natural-like PES-fabric for sportswear

Structure of the new Deltapeak fabric Teijin Frontier Co. announced that it has added a natural-like fabric to its Deltapeak series of high-function fabrics. more

04. December 2018 | Medtech

Covestro: from wound care to wearables

Medtech: Covestro Covestro offers holistic material solutions for all layers of modern wound dressings. Polyurethane adhesive components from the Baymedix A range are characterized by excellent breathability – an important prerequisite for moisture management in advanced wound dressings. more

03. December 2018 | Indutech/Filtech

Mann+Hummel: air filter columns are 3.6 meters high

Filtersäule am Stuttgarter Neckartor Pilot project to reduce fine dust pollution along the Stuttgart Neckartor begins with installation of first filter columns more

29. November 2018 | Events & Dates

Eurolaser presents large textile cutting

Der High-End-Lasercutter L-1200 Conveyor für die automatisierte Textilbearbeitung Eurolaser, a German supplier of cutting solutions demonstrates its modular L-1200 Conveyor laser system for more

29. November 2018 | Sporttech

Moov&Cool and R-Vital: two functional finishes from Devan Chemicals

Appli: Devan As the tradition goes, twice a year the functional fabric fair Performance Days selects the most innovative fabrics, accessories and finishes for their Performance Forum. This year, two functional finishes from textile innovator Devan Chemicals (Moov&Cool & R-Vital) were chosen. more

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