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24. July 2019 | Agrotech

Recycling of agricultural films

Recycling von Agrarfolien As a founding member of the ERDE initiative (Erntekunststoffe Recycling Deutschland), RKW commits to collect and recycle 65 percent of all silage and stretch films sold on the German market by 2022. more

12. July 2019 | Agrotech

How ecovio contributes to closing the nutrient cycle towards a Circular Economy

BASF: kompostierbaren Kunststoff ecovio With the certified compostable plastic ecovio, BASF has developed a material portfolio for a variety of applications which can be used throughout the entire food cycle. more

25. March 2019 | Agrotech

e7 stands for RKW's 'excellence to the power of 7'

RKWs neue e7-Anlage in Hoogstraten  RKW has put into operation its new multilayer extrusion plant at the Site in Hoogstraten/Belgium. The new e7 technology line enables the efficient production of various films for applications in agriculture and horticulture and increases RKW's agricultural production capacity by more than 10 percent. more

16. April 2018 | Agrotech

RKW: Investment in Agriculture

RKW nimmt Extrusionsanlage in Michelstadt in Betrie RKW has expanded its production capacities at its Michelstadt site, putting into operation an extrusion machine for agricultural films last March. This additional capacity will allow RKW to meet the growing demand for film covers more effectively. more

05. January 2018 | Agrotech

Tensioning system for covering of silage

Spannsystem für Silageabdeckung Huesker offers a system solution for fast, efficient covering for silages. The tensioning system Agritec Silage Safe is installable immediately prior to deposition. It should provide an airtight seal for the silage, particularly at the edges, thereby significantly reducing fodder loss. more

12. September 2017 | Agrotech

Fibers for the agriculture

Avoiding the use of plastic is a top priority in agriculture. With innovations made from Tencel lyocell fibers, Lenzing offers an alternative that offers a higher ecological value. more

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