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24. July 2019 | Geotech

First geogrid of 100 percent rPET

Erstes Geogitter aus 100 % recyceltem PET-Garn weltweit As the first manufacturer of geotextiles worldwide, the Huesker Group, headquartered in Gescher/Germany, is now producing one of its most popular more

06. June 2019 | Technology & Machinery

Automatic winder for rewinding and slitting of 5 m wide geotextiles

Winder Campen Machinery has recently installed a 5 m wide automatic winder to JUTA in the Czech Republic. more

06. March 2019 | News, Views & Markets

Premiere for first neolaminate

The German geosynthetics producer Huesker is showing its market-ready W8SVR neolaminate for the first time at JEC World 2019 this March. Due to more

06. December 2018 | Geotech

MoosTex: Active watering regulates fine dust

Modulare Mooswand: MoosTex-Testaufbau auf dem DITF-Gelände in Denkendorf Modular moss walls are intended to make a sustainable contribution to air purification in metropolises polluted with fine dust. more

15. August 2018 | Geotech

Geosynthetic support pad with over 800 t capacity

Appli: Huesker The system for storing extra-heavy units, e.g. monopiles for offshore wind turbines or ship components, impresses by load capacities of 800 t and higher. more

26. July 2018 | Geotech

Geotextiles as groundwater protection in railway maintenance areas

Tektoseal Active AS schützt den Kies, den Boden und das Grundwasser vor  Ölkontamination Greases and oils used as operating fluids in railway Transportation can pose a threat to the groundwater. more

10. April 2018 | Geotech

Thermal fabric cutting

Thermische Gewebetrennung WeftMaster CUT-iT is the ideal fabric cutter system for thermal cutting from thin and light to dense and heavy synthetic fabrics. All applications with a high quality demand benefit from the innovative solution. Typical applications include carpet backings, airbags, geotextiles, and labels for clothing.

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