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07. June 2019 | Indutech/Filtech

4-fold air flow filter system

Die wartungsfreie und wieder verwendbare 3M Halbmaskenserie 4000+ ist für viele Arbeitsplätze in der Industrie geeignet The new 3M Secure Click HF-800 half-mask series offers reliable protection against common gases more

04. June 2019 | Indutech/Filtech

MANN+HUMMEL: air filters for spray booths

Pro Paint NoGlass Luftfilter für Lackierkabinen At the Autopromotec trade fair in Bologna/Italy from May 22 to 26, 2019, MANN+HUMMEL presented the ProPaint NoGlass air filters for spray booths and other wet/dry industrial applications. more

15. May 2019 | Indutech/Filtech

Evonik has developed a new generation of fibers

Evonik feiert 35 Jahre In 1984, for the first time ever, it was possible to spin fibers from the high-performance plastic polyimide. This innovation was embedded by Evonik in the brand name P84 which has stood for high-temperature-resistant fibers for demanding industrial applications ever since. The specialty chemicals company will be celebrating the anniversary at Techtextil.

11. April 2019 | Indutech/Filtech

Lightning fast cleaning with Turbo Clean nonwovens

McDonald's Innovative Products & Processes Award 2018 für Turbo-Clean. Every two years the world-renowned McDonald's Deutschland LLC Company honors its most innovative suppliers and partners with the Innovative Products & Processes Award for quality, economy, performance and delivery reliability. more

12. February 2019 | Indutech/Filtech

Filter Cubes could help to avoid driving bans

Filter Cubes III Filtration specialist MANN+HUMMEL presented a technology which reduces nitrogen dioxide at locations with high levels of pollution. At the end of more

21. January 2019 | Indutech/Filtech

Camfil: day and night in the museum

Camfil: Die Kunst der Luftreinigung Critical parameters for air quality in museums include temperature, relative humidity, lighting, particulate pollution (dust), molecular (gaseous) pollutants, and pests. Various filter solutions are available, but molecular filtration offers a particularly cost-effective method of controlling harmful pollutants which can otherwise have devastating results. more

03. December 2018 | Indutech/Filtech

Mann+Hummel: air filter columns are 3.6 meters high

Filtersäule am Stuttgarter Neckartor Pilot project to reduce fine dust pollution along the Stuttgart Neckartor begins with installation of first filter columns more

23. October 2018 | Indutech/Filtech

3M: for more purity and more efficient processes

Für mehr Reinheit und effizientere Prozesse  3M Emphaze AEX Hybrid Purifier combines three 3M core technologies: advanced polymer materials, a novel anion exchange hydrogel nonwoven media and a fine particle, bioburden reduction multi-zone membrane. more

17. October 2018 | Indutech/Filtech

Synthetic filter medium reduces total cost of ownership and increases process reliability

Luftfilter Aircube und Nanoclass Cube Pro Power S The new air filters from Mann+Hummel, Aircube Pro Power S and Nanoclass Cube Pro Power S, were developed for gas turbines. Using a synthetic filter medium, the filters are also able to meet the requirements of the extreme operating conditions found on oil platforms at sea. The filters are robust, ensure a reliable process, reduce the total cost of ownership for operators and help to protect the turbines. more

18. January 2018 | Indutech/Filtech

Construction of new spinning plant for Planova filters

Die Produktion von Planova-Virenfiltern soll gesteigert werden. Asahi Kasei Medical will construct a new plant for the spinning of cellulose hollow-fiber membranes for Planova virus removal filters in Nobeoka/ Miyazaki, Japan, increasing annual production capacity by 40,000 m²/year upon completion in May 2019. Virus removal filters are used to enhance safety in the production process for biotherapeutic products such as biopharmaceuticals and plasma derivatives. The Planova cellulose membrane filters were launched in 1989 as the world's first filters developed specifically for removing viruses from biotherapeutic products. more

11. September 2017 | Indutech/Filtech

Polymer optical fibers and wonder material

Erneut VDMA-Auszeichungen für Absolventen des ITA Karsten Neuwerk and Lukas Völkel from the Institut für Textiltechnik (ITA) of RWTH Aachen University were recognised for their outstanding theses in the frame of Techtextil 2017. more

07. September 2017 | Indutech/Filtech

Mobile power station for data acquisition systems in the automotive sector

Ipetronik is announcing a mobile power station with intelligent energy management for independent on-board supply of measurement systems in the automotive sector. The unit is being presented at the Automotive Testing Expo Europe in Stuttgart (20-22 June). The 12 V lead-nonwoven more

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