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19. August 2019 | Mobiltech

Innovative tape technology to the automotive industry

Ultratape B3EG12 UD 01 schwarz ? ein vollständig mit Polyamid 6 imprägniertes, unidirektional endlosfaserverstärktes Tape mit 60 Gewichtsprozent Glasfasern. Toray Advanced Composites and BASF signed a manufacturing and supply agreement focused on the production of continuous fiber more

16. August 2019 | Mobiltech

3D Web forming for the automotive industry

3D web forming for the automotive industry The automotive industry has always been pushing its suppliers to develop innovative products. more

14. August 2019 | Mobiltech

“Textile” airfreight containers

Luftfrachtcontainer aus MacroLite ULD The market for Unit Load Devices (ULDs) is changing fast: air freight containers need to weigh less, meet higher safety requirements, require fewer repairs more

31. July 2019 | Mobiltech

SGL Carbon and Elbe Flugzeugwerke extend contract

SGL-SIGRAPREG-Vorimprägnierte-Materialien SGL Carbon and Elbe Flugzeugwerke, a long-established German aircraft manufacturer, have extended their contract to supply prepregs more

30. July 2019 | Mobiltech

Asahi Kasei develops polyamide beads foam

Asahi Kasei entwickelt den weltweit ersten Polyamid-Schaumstoff With the ongoing disruptive megatrends in the automotive industry, the automotive OEMs and suppliers are facing a strong innovation pressure. New, innovative solutions are in high demand. Asahi Kasei’s newly developed polyamide beads foam offers unique possibilities for lightweight and noise reducing applications. more

18. July 2019 | Mobiltech

SGL Carbon: leaf spring made of glass fiber reinforced plastic

Blattfeder aus glasfaserverstärktem Kunststoff an Volvo Cars By delivering its millionth composite leaf spring to Volvo Cars, SGL Carbon has reached a milestone in the history of serial production of fiber composite components. more

18. July 2019 | Nonwovens & Technical Textiles

Asahi Kasei to increase production capacity for its artificial suede

Künstliches Veloursleder von Asahi Kasei Asahi Kasei has decided to expand its plant for its Lamous artificial suede in Nobeoka, Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan, by four million m2/year, more

10. July 2019 | Mobiltech

Alpha-Liner: optimum protection against tire noise

Autoneum: optimaler Schutz vor Reifenlärm With Alpha-Liner, Autoneum launches its first-ever textile wheelhouse outer liner that not only reduces tire noise substantially, but also convinces with low weight. This newest lightweight component ensures a quiet driving experience and also helps vehicle manufacturers meet current and future noise and emission limits. Alpha-Liner premieres at the “Automotive Acoustics Conference” which takes place in Zurich, Switzerland, on July 9 and 10.

05. July 2019 | Research & Development

Student team developped Hyperloop capsule made of carbon fiber-reinforced plastics

Studententeam der Technischen Universität München bei der Präsentation des neuen Hyperloop Pod aus Carbon Mitte Juni With the support of SGL Carbon, students at the Technical University of Munich have developed an optimized Hyperloop prototype and presented their innovation mid of June in Munich. more

12. June 2019 | Mobiltech

In case of accidents secured against electric shocks

Die thermoREFLEX-Schutzhülle aus Aramidgewebe Protection against bursting, fire and contact are sensitive aspects in the construction of electric cars. more

31. May 2019 | Mobiltech

Innovative convertible top

Der neue Cabrioverdeckstoff mobiltex 388 At Techtextil, Schmitz Textiles GmbH + Co KG from Emsdetten, Germany, presented a new convertible top fabric with high fitting accuracy called mobiltex 388. more

31. May 2019 | Mobiltech

Award for textile-made induction charging coil

Kupferspule auf Trägertextil At this year's Techtextil, Sathis Kumar Selvarayan, researcher at the German Institutes for Textile and Fiber Research (DITF), was awarded the "Techtextil Innovation Award" more

16. May 2019 | Mobiltech

Autoneum: battery undercovers based on Ultra-Silent

Appli: Autoneum In order to support vehicle manufacturers in the production of lightweight and environmentally-friendly e-models, Autoneum is extending its product portfolio with textile battery undercovers made of Ultra-Silent that optimally meet the specific requirements for acoustic and thermal management of electric vehicles. more

25. April 2019 | Sporttech

Yachts with Hexcel’s novel composite technology

Sunseeker selects Hexcel?s HiMax DPA technology for the resin infusion of its new performance cruiser Sunseeker, the renowned British luxury motor yacht manufacturer, has selected Hexcel’s HiMax Dot Pattern Adhesive more

24. April 2019 | Techtextil

Teijin: High-performance materials at Techtextil

Aramid fibers The Teijin Group will exhibit from May 14 – 17 at Techtextil 2019 in Frankfurt. more

15. April 2019 | Mobiltech

Freudenberg: Protective shields for electric cars

Schutzschild für das Elektroauto Freudenberg Performance Materials has developed a nonwoven that is treated with a special galvanic process. It totally encases individual nonwoven fibers with a copper surface, covered by another material layer to prevent corrosion. Since these nonwovens are produced as endless metered product, the technology is especially suited for components with large surfaces produced in the preforming process. more

10. April 2019 | Medtech

Intelligent yarns

Silver-tech Anwendung in einem Schmerzgürtel The applications of conductive threads are wide-ranging. They can transfer electricity and data and thus provide information more

10. April 2019 | Mobiltech

Printed surface heating

Hybride Textilen more

09. April 2019 | Mobiltech

Mobility solutions for tomorrow

FoamPartner kooperiert mit Rinspeed FoamPartner, the Swiss polyurethane foam specialist, has partnered with Rinspeed, the renowned creative think tank and mobility lab for the automotive industry, to develop advanced concepts for the mobility of tomorrow. The microSNAP concept car developed by Rinspeed illustrates the potential of innovative foam technology for automotive interiors as well as acoustic and thermal insulation. more

25. March 2019 | Mobiltech

ThermHex: new sandwich material for the automotive industry

Organosandwich in unterschiedlichen Stärken  ThermHex presents new sandwich material to international automotive industry. more

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