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01. July 2019 | Sporttech

Porcher: Thermoplastic insoles for customized footwear

Thermoplastic insole At Outdoor by ISPO 2019 in Munich, Porcher Sport will present its innovative thermoplastic insoles for footwear developed with Sidas. more

25. April 2019 | Sporttech

Yachts with Hexcel’s novel composite technology

Sunseeker selects Hexcel?s HiMax DPA technology for the resin infusion of its new performance cruiser Sunseeker, the renowned British luxury motor yacht manufacturer, has selected Hexcel’s HiMax Dot Pattern Adhesive more

22. February 2019 | Clothtech

PFC-free outdoor and work wear

Fluorfrei hergestellte Jacke mit wasserdampfdurchlässiger mikroporöser Membran Functional textiles are water and dirt repellent as well as breathable. more

06. February 2019 | Sporttech

Odor-free polyester functional clothing

Sportkleidung ohne Geruch Polyester sport and functional textiles treated with Sanitized Odoractiv 10 are protected against “permastink”. more

04. February 2019 | Sporttech

Thermal insulation systems made from recycled polyester fibers

Freudenberg: Thermo-Isolierung comf comfortemp thermal insulation: sustainable solutions for every application

28. January 2019 | Sporttech

Thermo regulation to fully enjoy a skiing day

Appli: Fusalp gewinnt mit Polartec Innovationen Ispo Award Fusalp’s Research and Development Department is proud to announce the brand’s success in the Snowsports category of the 2019 ISPO Awards. Fusalp has been rewarded for its ongoing work with innovative technical materials, and notably for integrating the Polartec Alpha active insulation technology & Polartec® Power Fill for maximum warmth into the men’s ‘Monza’ jumpsuit—part of the first Fusalp Futur (‘Piste 1’) capsule. more

24. January 2019 | Fibers & Filaments

Teijin Frontier launches new “Sensing Wear” range

Wearable solutions in sportswear Teijin Frontier Co., Ltd., the Teijin Group's fibers and products converting company, launched a new line of sportswear and other clothing incorporating “wearable solutions”. more

21. January 2019 | Sporttech

New ultra-light avalanche airbag fabric

Ultraleichtes Gewebe für Lawinen-Airbags Porcher Sport is elevating levels of safety for skiers and snow boarders with a new ultra-lightweight avalanche airbag fabric. more

05. December 2018 | Sporttech

Polartec introduces first fabric technology engineered to reduce fiber shedding

Sporttech: Polartec Power Air The premium provider of innovative and sustainable textile solutions announces Power Air, a fabric technology engineered to reduce fiber shedding. By encapsulating lofted fibers within a multilayer, continuous yarn fabric construction, this revolutionary new platform offers advanced thermal efficiency that is proven to shed five times less than other premium ‘mid-layer’ weight fabrics. more

04. December 2018 | Sporttech

Teijin develops natural-like PES-fabric for sportswear

Structure of the new Deltapeak fabric Teijin Frontier Co. announced that it has added a natural-like fabric to its Deltapeak series of high-function fabrics. more

29. November 2018 | Sporttech

Moov&Cool and R-Vital: two functional finishes from Devan Chemicals

Appli: Devan As the tradition goes, twice a year the functional fabric fair Performance Days selects the most innovative fabrics, accessories and finishes for their Performance Forum. This year, two functional finishes from textile innovator Devan Chemicals (Moov&Cool & R-Vital) were chosen. more

22. November 2018 | Sporttech

Get rid of sweat at the push of a button

Die Revolution der Skibekleidung World premiere: the first HYDRO_BOT ski jacket. more

15. November 2018 | Sporttech

Breathable body protectors with lightweight padding

Die flexiblen, ineinandergreifenden Formen aus den Thermoplastischen Elastomeren THERMOLAST® K fügen sich zu einer bausteinartigen Polsterungstechnik, die praktisch unbegrenzte Anwendungsmöglichkeiten in den verschiedensten Bereichen, wie Sportbekleidung, Schutzausrüstungen, Gesundheitspflege, bietet. Hexaflex has developed a patented padding technology based on hexagonal-pyramidal shapes molded with TPE. more

02. November 2018 | Sporttech

Foldable canoe at Composites Europe

Faltbares Kanu At Composites Europe ThermHex Waben GmbH is exhibiting a foldable canoe built in sandwich construction. more

24. October 2018 | Sporttech

Devan presents further findings on their cool comfort technology

Devan Chemicals präsentiert weitere Ergebnisse zu seiner ?Kühlkomfort?-Technologie Moov&Cool für den Bekleidungs- und Sportartikelmarkt Devan Chemicals presents its further findings on their Moov&Cool ‘cool comfort’ technology for the apparel/sportswear market. more

24. July 2018 | Sporttech

Top sports performance thanks to Composites

Composites im Sport- und Freizeitbereich Sports and leisure are a stable market for fibre composites. According to the ‘Composites Market Report 2017’ some 15% or 167,700 tons of the annual GRP production of 1.118 m tons in Europe were consumed by this application industry last year. more

23. July 2018 | Sporttech

Bostik Adhesive Technology fixes 2018 Tour de France race numbers

Race numbers of the Tour the France are fixed by Bostik adhesives As official partner for smart adhesives at the iconic cycling event, adhesives specialist Bostik has developed an innovative technology which will be used to bond the riders’ race numbers in the 2018 Tour de France. more

20. June 2018 | Sporttech

Polartec Power Fill now from 100% PCR

Polartec LCC, introduces the upgraded Polartec Power Fill insulation, now made from 100% more

15. June 2018 | Sporttech

coldblack: Schoeller cooperates with Südwolle Group

Schoeller kooperiert mit Südwolle Group Schoeller’s coldblack technology has been specifically optimized for use on knitted and woven fabrics so brands can now expand their product application uses. Under the blazing sun, textiles with coldblack heat up less and stay cool to the touch. Südwolle Group, a leading manufacturer of high quality yarns, has also recognized the ideal combination of merino and coldblack. With this, the wear comfort of wool apparel can be tangibly improved.

17. May 2018 | Sporttech

Devan Chemicals: cool comfort technology during sports

Moov&Cool technology for sportswear  Textile finishing expert, Devan Chemicals, launched its brand-new, patent-pending Moov&Cool technology at Performance Days (April 18-19) in Munich/Germany. more

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