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23. August 2019 | Technology & Machinery

Mobile robot for more versatility

Mobiles Robotersystem im Einsatz an der Inkjetdruckmaschine im futureTEX Forschungs- und Versuchsfeld "Textilfabrik der Zukunft". Automation and optimization of processes are essential success factors for efficient production. more

20. August 2019 | Technology & Machinery

Tailor-made drive and IIoT solutions for the textile industry

Der Active Cube Premium-Frequenzumrichter von Bonfiglioli bietet sowohl Kompaktheit als auch Flexibilität und ist daher ideal für den Einsatz in Textilmaschinen Thanks to their extensive know-how and long-term collaboration with key customers from the textile industry, more

16. August 2019 | Fibers & Filaments

Polyamide-POY-systems destined for China

Setzt in der Polyamid Mikrofaserherstellung neue Maßstäbe: Die Radialanblasung EvoQuench PA. Oerlikon Barmag recently signed contracts for two orders with a total of 120 spinning positions for manufacturing polyamide POY yarn with Chinese yarn manufacturers. more

16. August 2019 | Mobiltech

3D Web forming for the automotive industry

3D web forming for the automotive industry The automotive industry has always been pushing its suppliers to develop innovative products. more

01. August 2019 | Technology & Machinery

Italian textile machinery orders intake down in second quarter

Auftragseingänge April bis Juni 2019 bei italienischen Textilmaschinen Italian textile machinery orders for the period from April to June 2019, fell by 19 percent compared to the same period in 2018. The more

08. July 2019 | Technology & Machinery

Reicofil scores points with spunbond fabric made from post-consumer waste

Spinnvlies mit Reicofil Technologie As a material for hygiene and packaging products, spunbonded fabric can help save up to 50 percent of the semi-finished material previously used, while simultaneously improving product properties. more

14. June 2019 | ITMA

Italian textile machines at ITMA

Italienische Textilmaschinenexporte 2018 ITMA is traditionally the showcase in which the manufacturers of textile machines have the opportunity to display their up-to-date innovations. more

13. June 2019 | News, Views & Markets

Monforts adds to its technological team in Germany

Jonas Beisel Monforts Textilmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG is expanding the team at its Advanced Technology Center (ATC) in Mönchengladbach, Germany, more

11. June 2019 | Nonwovens & Technical Textiles

Recycling of technical fibers

Blick auf den Auslauf der Vliesstofflinie. Im Vordergrund die Nadelmaschine, dahinter Kreuzleger und Krempel The DITF have installed a nonwoven line of Dilo Machines GmbH financed by the state of Baden-Württemberg. more

06. June 2019 | Technology & Machinery

Automatic winder for rewinding and slitting of 5 m wide geotextiles

Winder Campen Machinery has recently installed a 5 m wide automatic winder to JUTA in the Czech Republic. more

22. May 2019 | Technology & Machinery

Italian textile machinery: Mission in Thailand

Italienische Textilmaschinenhersteller in Gesprächen mit thailändischen Branchenvertretern A selected group of Italian textile machinery manufacturers led an institutional and trade mission in late April in Thailand more

20. May 2019 | Technology & Machinery

Karl Mayer: new premises and a new profile for the Academy in Obertshausen

Neue Räume in Obertshausen The Academy welcomes its guests in Obertshausen in a hall covering an area of 755 m², which offers a bright, learning-friendly atmosphere, modern architecture and technical equipment that has taken a quantum leap forward in terms of quality. more

15. May 2019 | Techtextil

Pfand: Finishing using the latest equipment

Pfand auf der Techtextil The Lengenfeld exhibitor's range of products takes into account the new wide ranging requirements that customers place. more

15. May 2019 | Techtextil

“Green” nonwovens

Trützschler auf der Techtextil The machine manufacturer Truetzschler focuses at his booth on solutions for processing eco-friendly materials. more

14. May 2019 | Techtextil

In focus: web guiding

E+L auf der Techtextil At Techtextil, Erhardt+Leimer, specialist for automation technology will present systems for web guiding and spreading, web tension measurement and control, as well as cutting units for applications in the textile industry. more

14. May 2019 | Technology & Machinery

Trützschler: Technology Center presents two complete production lines

Trützschler eröffnet das neue Nonwovens Kunden- und Technologiezentrum The way into the future: Truetzschler’s new Customer and Technology Center for nonwovens in Egelsbach (near Frankfurt /Main) more

14. May 2019 | Techtextil

Monforts: Coating units for technical textiles

Monforts auf der Techtextil The machine manufacturer from Mönchengaldbach, Germany, will demonstrate a number of enhancements that have recently been made to its texCoat and Allround coating units. more

13. May 2019 | Techtextil

Brückner: Functionalization of technical textiles

Brückner auf der Techtextil Using product examples, the German textile machinery manufacturer Brückner is demonstrating its expertise in the field of drying technology as well as a further development of its minimum application system. more

13. May 2019 | Techtextil

Autefa: Needling simulation tool

Autefa auf der Techtextil The company presents its portfolio as a full-line supplier for carded crosslapped needlepunch lines, aerodynamic web forming technology, spunlace, and thermobonding lines. more

13. May 2019 | Techtextil

Andritz: Innovative nonwovens production

Andritz auf der Techtextil International technology Group will be presenting its new developments and innovative solutions regarding nonwovens production and textile solutions. more

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