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08. February 2019 | News, Views & Markets

Schaetti and Dakota merger

Granulat für thermoplastische Hotmelts Schaetti Holding AG of Switzerland and Dakota Group of Belgium have merged to become Fixatti more

06. February 2019 | Sporttech

Odor-free polyester functional clothing

Sportkleidung ohne Geruch Polyester sport and functional textiles treated with Sanitized Odoractiv 10 are protected against “permastink”. more

16. January 2019 | Raw & Auxiliary Materials

Tanatex Chemicals changes Management

Tanatex Cemicals: Former CEO Marco de Koning As of January 1,2019 the Management Board of the Netherlands-based Tanatex Chemicals saw several changes. With more

24. October 2018 | Sporttech

Devan presents further findings on their cool comfort technology

Devan Chemicals präsentiert weitere Ergebnisse zu seiner ?Kühlkomfort?-Technologie Moov&Cool für den Bekleidungs- und Sportartikelmarkt Devan Chemicals presents its further findings on their Moov&Cool ‘cool comfort’ technology for the apparel/sportswear market. more

22. October 2018 | Raw & Auxiliary Materials

Wacker Polymers binders based on renewable resources certified

Wacker erhält Zertifizierung von Bindemitteln auf Basis nachwachsender Rohstoffe The Munich-based chemical company is the world’s first manufacturer capable of using renewable resources to produce commercial quantities not only of dispersions based on vinyl acetate-ethylene copolymer (VAE), but also of further products based on vinyl acetate – all known by the Vinnapas brand. more

18. October 2018 | Raw & Auxiliary Materials

Clariant - Hans Bohnen new member of the Executive Committee

Hans Bohnen neues Mitglied des Executive Committee Clariant announced the appointment of Hans Bohnen as the newest member of its Executive Committee. more

04. September 2018 | Raw & Auxiliary Materials

Polyamides from wood

Bausteine für biobasierte Kunststoffe The Fraunhofer Institute for Interfacial Engineering and Biotechnology IGB is investigating a sustainable alternative for the production of new high-performance plastics from terpenes found in resin-rich wood. more

20. August 2018 | Raw & Auxiliary Materials

CHT: "Our contribution to the UN goals for sustainable development"

CHT Group: Responsible Care Within the framework of the nationwide Responsible Care competition 2018, CHT Germany GmbH was awarded the first place in the competition of Baden-Württemberg for its sustainability project "Reduction of the use of critical raw materials". more

16. July 2018 | Raw & Auxiliary Materials

Follmann: new R&D manager

Dr. Isolde Bachert neu F&E-Leiterin bei Follmann Since the beginning of this year, Dr. Isolde Bachert has headed the research and development (R&D) department of Follmann KG with its five laboratory groups Printing Inks, Coatings, Microcapsules, Polymers and Hotmelts. more

11. July 2018 | Raw & Auxiliary Materials

Archroma: M. Dohmen acquisition completed

Archroma announced it has acquired all remaining minority shares in M. Dohmen S.A., an international group specializing in the production of textile dyes and chemicals for the automotive, carpet and apparel sectors. more

09. July 2018 | Raw & Auxiliary Materials

CHT-Group achieves again a sales record in 2017

The CHT-Group closed the financial year of 2017 with record sales of 456 million EUR, the previous year's success in the Group was exceeded by 9%. more

02. July 2018 | Raw & Auxiliary Materials

Devan: new natural technology to make textiles free from pet allergens

Textiles free form pet allergens Textile-finishing producer Devan Chemicals recently launched a technology to make textiles free from allergens shed by cats and dogs. more

26. June 2018 | Raw & Auxiliary Materials

Groundbreaking of the new Clariant's facility in China

Spatenstich von Clariant in Cangzhou/China Clariant and Beijing Tiangang Auxiliary Co., Ltd. (Tiangang), conducted a groundbreaking ceremony in Cangzhou (China), just over 200 km south of Beijing. more

23. May 2018 | Raw & Auxiliary Materials

Archroma announces progress in integration of M. Dohmen

The new team at Archroma Korea Ltd. Archroma, a global leader in color and specialty chemicals, announced the further integration of M. Dohmen, an international group specializing in the production of textile dyes and chemicals for the automotive, carpet and apparel sectors. more

22. May 2018 | Raw & Auxiliary Materials

Synthomer adjusts prices for vinyl acetate containing dispersions and re-dispersible powders

Prices will be raised by 6% for dispersions and 8% for powders with effect from June 1, or as contract terms allow.

22. May 2018 | Raw & Auxiliary Materials

Jowat SE: new subsidiary in Thailand

Das Team der Jowat Thailand The adhesives specialist Jowat from Detmold/Germany continues to systematically implement the strategy of serving important markets in the Asia-Pacific region via the Group’s own sales network. more

30. April 2018 | Raw & Auxiliary Materials

Bostik with adhesive solutions at CIDPEX 2018

CIDPEX attendees gather at the Bostik exhibit Bostik, a global adhesive specialist in disposable hygiene, participated in the 25th Annual China International Disposable Paper Expo (CIDPEX) April 18-20, 2018. With over 700 exhibitors and 35,000 professional visitors, this is the largest event of its kind in the world. more

26. April 2018 | Raw & Auxiliary Materials

Tim Görder appointed head of Solution Partner Support at Jowat

Tim Görder neuer Global Director Solution Partner Support On 1 June 2018, Tim Görder will take over as Global Director of Solution Partner Support. In his new position, Görder will be responsible for coordinating the support provided to solution partners around the world. more

10. April 2018 | Raw & Auxiliary Materials

Hybrid inks for printable electronics

Hybridtinten für gedruckte Elektronik Research scientists at INM - Leibniz-Institute for New Materials, Saarbrücken/Germany will demonstrate their newly developed hybrid inks at this year’s Hannover Messe, which takes place from April 23 to 27. more

19. February 2018 | Raw & Auxiliary Materials

Dubai: Bostik shares how to get most of adhesives with attendees of EDANA MENA 2018 Symposium

Bostik-EDANA Bostik, a global adhesive specialist in disposable hygiene, was an active participant in the recent Middle East and North Africa Nonwovens Symposium & Exhibition hosted by EDANA. more

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