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12. April 2019 | Technology & Machinery

Italian textile machinery at Techtextil

Italienischer Textilmaschinenbau The technical/innovative textile sector has developed at a very high pace in recent years. more

08. April 2019 | Technology & Machinery

Erhardt+Leimer celebrates its 100th anniversary

100 Jahre Erhardt+Leimer Erhardt+Leimer GmbH from Stadtbergen is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. more

29. March 2019 | Technology & Machinery

Oerlikon Nonwoven closed a deal at IDEA

Nonwoven Meltblown-Anlagenlösung Oerlikon Nonwoven signed a contract at IDEA in Miami Beach, Florida USA, which took place from March 25-28, 2019. more

28. March 2019 | Technology & Machinery

High temperature resistant nonwovens

Anlage für das Nanoval-Verfahren Finest fibers ( 1 μm) open new applications in the areas of personal protective textiles, hot gas fine dust filtration, battery separators and fuel cell membranes. more

26. March 2019 | Technology & Machinery

Karl Mayer: new nonwovens machines

Karl Mayer: neue Raschelmaschinen The company sees sales opportunities mainly in reusable shopping bags as an alternative to plastic bags, as well as hygiene products, such as cleaning cloths and hook-and-loop fastenings for babies’ nappies. more

14. March 2019 | Technology & Machinery

Epson Germany launches distribution for "Monna Lisa"

Epson startet zum neuen Geschäftsjahr 2019/2020 den Direktvertrieb der Serie industrieller Monna Lisa Textildruckmaschinen in DACH From April 1, 2019, Epson is reorganizing the distribution of its industrial textile printers of the Monna Lisa series in Europe. more

13. February 2019 | Technology & Machinery

Datacolor: partnership with Color Solutions International

Tragbares Farbmessgerät ColorReaderPRO Datacolor announced a new partnership with the leading provider of color standards and color communication tools for the textile industry, Color Solutions International (CSI). more

13. February 2019 | Technology & Machinery

Xaar celebrates its Xaar 5601 printhead

Doug Edwards cutting the Xaar 5601 celebration cake and Xaar UK employees Xaar has celebrated the ground-breaking technologies of its high performance Xaar 5601 printhead in a special event for over 300 of its UK staff. The Xaar 5601, based on more

12. February 2019 | Events & Dates

Specific needs of composite production

Traversierende Qualitätskontrollsystem - Qualiscan QMS-12 Composites have an enormous impact on our lives, whether in the job or the leisure environment.The materials made from two or more

05. February 2019 | Technology & Machinery

CO₂-laser systems for composites materials

Eurolaser: Berührungsloses und präzises Laserschneiden von Verbundmaterialien eurolaser is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer for modular CO₂ laser systems up to 3.20 meters in width and length. The laser systems are ideal for more

24. January 2019 | Technology & Machinery

Heat-recovery and exhaust air pollution control

Getzner AG in Bludenz, Vorarlberg Founded 200 years ago, Getzner AG in Austria is today the leading company for the production of African damask fabrics and one of the leading manufacturers of shirt fashion fabrics. In the new more

24. January 2019 | Events & Dates

Autefa's Nonwovens Day in India

Alexander Stampfer, Regional Sales Director, Andreas Meier, Produkt Manager Nonwovens und Amar Surve, Sales Manager Indien von Autefa Solutions On January 18, 2019 Autefa Solutions realized a Symposia for the Indian nonwovens industry. Autefa was pleased to more

21. January 2019 | Technology & Machinery

Minimal surface weight: successful prepreg tests by Roth

Roth: Lightweight-Prepregs mit Faserflächengewicht von 75 g/m² Roth Composite Machinery located in Steffenberg offers a laboratory for carrying out preliminary tests and process development as regards the manufacture of prepreg and organic sheets. Since the commissioning in 2017 customers have made use of the laboratory plant for production tests successfully. During current trials, Roth Composite Machinery has produced Lightweight Prepregs (particularly light semi-finished fibre composite materials) having a fibre surface weight of 75 g/m². more

16. January 2019 | Technology & Machinery

Custom made Roller paternoster

Durch die Aufstellung von 3 getrennten Geräten, werden kurze Zugriffszeiten erreicht und der vorhandene Raum wird optimal ausgenutzt The Worms, Germany, based manufacturer of PVC and polyolefin films for surface finishing and technical applications, Renolit, has invested in a new modern, dynamic warehouse with 125 places for heavy embossing rollers weighing up to 1,300 kg. The custom-made system was more

11. January 2019 | Technology & Machinery

Oerlikon Neumag presents world innovation for carpet yarn processing

Oerlikon Neumag BCF S8 Innovative BCF S8 platform technology opens up new carpet yarn industry markets. more

07. January 2019 | Technology & Machinery

Mimaki: Design collaborations for digital prints

Mimaki- Der TS55-1800 Sublimationsdrucker Mimaki Europe, a manufacturer of inkjet printers and cutting systems, collaborates with over 10 inspirational world-leading designers for Heimtextil 2019. more

21. December 2018 | Technology & Machinery

Mayer & Cie.: new business unit braiding machines

Mayer & Cie. in Albstadt-Tailfingen  From January 2019 on, Mayer & Cie. will be manufacturing braiding machines in addition to circular knitting machines at its Albstadt site. more

11. December 2018 | Technology & Machinery

Tufted structures from 100% glass?

100% glass: impossible with tufting machines? more

29. November 2018 | Events & Dates

Eurolaser presents large textile cutting

Der High-End-Lasercutter L-1200 Conveyor für die automatisierte Textilbearbeitung Eurolaser, a German supplier of cutting solutions demonstrates its modular L-1200 Conveyor laser system for more

23. November 2018 | Technology & Machinery

NGR – Kuhne PET Day: successful demonstration of new, innovative LSP system

NGR: PET-Recyclings live 117 representatives from the international plastics industry gathered together at Next Generation Recyclingmaschinen in Feldkirchen an der Donau to experience live the new Liquid State Polycondensation (LSP) method of PET recycling. more

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