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03. May 2019 | News, Views & Markets

Switzerland: Import of yarns, twines and fabrics will be duty-free

Ab dem 1. Juli 2019 können Garne, Zwirne, Gewebe und Gestricke zollfrei in die Schweiz importiert werden.  The Swiss textile industry is highly specialized and integrated into the global value chains. more

03. May 2019 | News, Views & Markets

Karl Mayer will produce the ISO unit for cutting and stretching

Karl Mayer übernimmt das ISO Folienschneid- und Streckaggregat von der bs Gruppe Karl Mayer has become a producer of complete systems for the production of packaging sacks and shading nets more

02. May 2019 | Fibers & Filaments

Beaulieu: new polyolefin staple fiber at Techtextil 2019

UltraBond trägt zu 100% Recyclingfähigkeit bei At its Techtextil 2019 showcase, BFI will give centre stage to innovations. more

02. May 2019 | Techtextil

Flexible coating units

Flexible Beschichtungsanlagen Olbrich from Bocholt, Germany, is once again exhibiting at Techtextil in 2019. The specialist for coating, laminating and embossing systems has been able to expand its global growth in recent years and now employs over 900 people within the Group. more

01. May 2019 | Techtextil

Techtextil shows tomorrow's materials

Die Stoffe, aus denen die Zukunft ist The intelligent processing of such manmade fibers as raw materials is an important foundation for future textile innovations. Market leaders such as the Oerlikon Manmade Fibers segment and its brands Oerlikon Barmag, Oerlikon Neumag and Oerlikon Nonwoven stand for this. Their innovative technologies from melt to yarn, fibers and nonwovens lay the foundation for many of the applications mentioned here – and for ever higher performance, efficiency and quality on the journey to tomorrow's materials.

30. April 2019 | Techtextil

eurolaser: Textile cutting

eurolaser: Textilzuschnitt This year, the cutting of textiles on the L-1200 and 3XL-3200 systems will be demonstrated live at the fair. The exhibition will focus, in particular, on the automatic feeding of textiles from the roll, on the cutting of printed textiles, including camera and QR code recognition, as well as on the labelling of individual pieces in a single operation.

30. April 2019 | News, Views & Markets

Autoneum: New Head of Business Group North America

Autoneum: Neuer Leiter Business Group Greg Sibley is to become the new Head of Business Group North America and member of the Group Executive Board. He takes over from Fausto Bigi, Head of Business Group SAMEA (South America, Middle East and Africa), who has served as interim Head of Business Group North America since the beginning of the year.

30. April 2019 | Techtextil

Amann: Intelligent threads

Amann: Intelligente Garne Embroidered on car seats as touch switches or incorporated into the sole of a shoe, intelligent threads could replace plastic switches and cables that require a lot of raw materials, which not only makes them significantly more environmentally friendly, but also makes them easier to process and more pleasant to handle or wear. more

29. April 2019 | Techtextil

Precise transportation of textiles

Habasit: Punktgenauer Transport Habasit, from Eppertshausen, Germany, a subsidiary of the Swiss Habasit AG, will be presenting its full portfolio of processing belts, toothed belts and drive belts, conveyor and modular belts for yarn processing, textile printing and nonwoven production. more

29. April 2019 | Techtextil

Sustainability a major topic at Techtextil and Texprocess

Nachhaltigkeitsansätze der Aussteller explizit im Fokus Fibres made of recycled polyester, bio-based high-tech textiles, water-conserving dyeing and finishing processes, functional and work clothing, using little or no solvents and adhesives: in the field of technical textiles, and when processing textile and flexible materials, more and more firms are adopting approaches to greater sustainability. Through "Sustainability and Techtextil" and "Sustainability at Texprocess" the leading international trade fairs, from 14 to 17 May, will be demonstrating exactly these approaches taken by their exhibitors. In addition, numerous event formats will be taking up the topic of sustainability at both fairs.

29. April 2019 | Techtextil

Sandler: a world full of nonwovens

Internationales Fachpublikum mit innovativen Produktlösungen in Vlies The company with a long tradition shows its visitors a world full of nonwovens innovations, such as high-tech materials for acoustic insulation in homes and offices as well as materials for the transport industry and for filtration. more

29. April 2019 | News, Views & Markets

Price Hanna Consultants releases new report

Price Hanna Consultants LLC has published information on spunbonded and spunmelt nonwoven polypropylene manufacturing.

29. April 2019 | Clothtech

Fan-cooled jackets

Fan cooled workwear Teijin Limited announced that it has begun producing an expanded lineup of fan-cooled jackets that the company developed with Makita Corporation more

29. April 2019 | News, Views & Markets

Karl Mayer: Joint Venture in India

Joint Venture in Indien On March 29, 2019 Karl Mayer, Rabatex Industries und A.T.E. signed a contract for setting up a joint venture. more

26. April 2019 | News, Views & Markets

Supply industry: Current situation under pressure

The two-part picture of the business climate of the German supplier industry has further intensified. more

26. April 2019 | Techtextil

Mahlo: Measuring and controlling of technical textiles

Famacont PMC-15 Among other things, visitors can observe the Famacont PMC-15 in live operation. more

25. April 2019 | News, Views & Markets

The end of Lauffenmühle

There is no hope for the traditional company, which is specialized in the production workwear, because no investors were found. more

25. April 2019 | Oekotech

Functional laminates for environmental technology

Semipermeable membrane laminate Topaz Composhell laminates support rotting and composition processes in modern waste utilization plants. more

25. April 2019 | Sporttech

Yachts with Hexcel’s novel composite technology

Sunseeker selects Hexcel?s HiMax DPA technology for the resin infusion of its new performance cruiser Sunseeker, the renowned British luxury motor yacht manufacturer, has selected Hexcel’s HiMax Dot Pattern Adhesive more

24. April 2019 | Techtextil

Teijin: High-performance materials at Techtextil

Aramid fibers The Teijin Group will exhibit from May 14 – 17 at Techtextil 2019 in Frankfurt. more

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