25. July 2017 | Fibers & Filaments

Kelheim Fibres scores high points with flushable moist toilet tissue

Kelheim Fibres was pleased to claim the Recognition Award in the Responsible-Care-Competition 2017 of the Bavarian branch of VCI (Association of the Chemical Industry e.V.) for its integrated product policy. The topic of the competition was „The Closed Circle Economy“relating to the areas of environmental protection, product responsibility and dialogue in respect of Responsible Care.

The producer scored high points with their viscose short cut fibres Viloft, specifically developed for the production of increasingly popular moist toilet tissue; worldwide, the demand in this segment is increasing significantly. In contrast to traditional (spunlace) wipes, wet wipes made of Viloft short cut fibres disintegrate rapidly and prevent the blockage of pumps in the waste water system. Again, in contrast to commercially available standard products, these wipes are completely biodegradable.

Kelheim’s short cut viscose fibres therefore offer an enormous potential for savings with regard to energy and maintenance costs for regional waste water operations. At the same time, they offer a solution for the growing issue of increased pollution of water by micro plastics - a huge benefit for the environment

This fact convinced the independent jury of experts, who judged the projects submitted by their quality, creativity, impact and exemplary character. The citation for Viloft states: „This project impresses with the integrated product policy outlined: Even at the product design stage the focus is on the complete system. A bio-persistent material is being replaced. This prevention of waste and residual materials results in a Germany-wide saving potential in municipal infrastructures.“

Business Manager Horst Wörner is pleased: „We have been pursuing the topic „Flushability“ for years. With our Viloft fibre we offer the solution that has been sought by waste water authorities for years. Unfortunately, the dimensions of the problem and the corresponding saving potential is not universally known yet. This Responsible-Care-Award confirms that we are on the right path and I hope it helps to create more awareness at the consumer level.“

edited by Petra Gottwald

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