04. January 2018 | Protech

Guarding honeycombs

Wabenkerne als Verpackungsmaterialien
Honeycomb cores now also available with 5 mm cell size and 12 mm thickness.
Source: ThermHex Waben GmbH

Thermhex produces its PP honeycomb cores with a new vacuum forming roll, which allows the production of cell sizes of 5 mm and thicknesses from 11 mm to 12.7 mm. With this product innovation, the honeycomb core specialist increases resource and cost efficiency and achieves a higher production capacity. In addition, the material properties open up new applications for the honeycomb cores. “With the conventional production processes, PP honeycomb cores with such a small cell size are currently only available for aerospace applications”, says Thermhex-CEO Jochen Pflug. “These procedures are more expensive than our production process. Therefore, we see a great potential for the new product.” The smaller cell size means that there is room for optimization and further product options to choose for customers. For example, the new PP honeycomb cores can be used as an alternative to foam cores or resin-impregnated fleece core mats. The new geometry of the vacuum forming roll also creates an improved surface structure. Cost savings are made possible by a reduction in material costs and a faster production process. This allows an extremely economical production of sandwich components for rigid truck boxes, ship interiors or modern swimming pools.

edited by Petra Gottwald

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