28. September 2018 | Mobiltech

More style - from airplanes up to protective clothing

Klettbänder Magictape von Kuraray in neuen Farbvarianten
Color variations for heat-resistant Magic Tape hook-and-loop fastener
Source: Kuraray
Kuraray Fastening Co. Ltd. (Head office: Osaka; President: Tooru Tanokura) has started the rollout of a heat-resistant Magic Tape hook-and-loop fastener, which uses PPS (polyphenylene sulfide) fibers and comes in multiple colors.

Development Background
The heat-resistant Magic Tape has the heat resistance, flame retardancy, low smoke  emission, and low toxicity required for airplane interior applications. Beyond airplane seats, the heat-resistant Magic Tape is used for a range of other industrial applications, including thermal jackets. Until now, the heat-resistant fastener was available only in natural colors. To respond to requests for darker colors, Kuraray added black and gray to the lineup for the first time.

Product Features
PPS fiber is the base material and used for the Hook-and-Loop portion. These fibers provide the product with its heat resistance, flame retardancy, low smoke emission, and low toxicity. The heat-resistant Magic Tape maintains its holding strength equal to a bonding force (shear strength) of 80% or more even after exposure to high temperatures (250°C for 24 hours). Because there is no backing material used, the amount of CO2 generated during our manufacturing process is 30% less than traditional methods, resulting in a more ecofriendly product. Kuraray manufactures this product in Japan. Kuraray Fastening’s Maruoka Factory in Fukui Prefecture does the weaving and dyeing of the Magic Tape product. The Maruoka Factory celebrates its 30th anniversary of operations this year!

Expected Applications
To secure internal materials, and as an integral part of the seat assembly in airplanes, where heat resistance and flame retardancy are needed. For use in fire retardant clothing such as firefighter gear, aviation uniforms, and other industrial clothing for welders, electricians, etc. Cable ties (tie down straps) for the insides of vehicles, train cars, and aircraft. Fasteners for fire shutters and other internal building materials that need heat resistance, household electrical appliances, etc.

edited by Petra Gottwald

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