04. January 2019 | Buildtech

The world's first double-curved textile reinforced concrete facade

CurveTex-Fassade mit drapierfähigen elastisch angepassten Bewehrungstextilien aus Alkali-resistenten Glasfasern und Feinbetonmatrix
CurveTex facade with drapable, elastically adapted reinforcement textiles made of alkali-resistant glass fibres and a fine concrete matrix
Source: Stanecker Betonfertigteilwerk GmbH
Textile reinforced concrete (TRC) elements have so far only been used as flat panels, flat sandwich structures or simply curved building structures. As part of the research project "CurveTex - Development of a drapable textile reinforcement for the production of double-curved textile reinforced concrete elements", the world's first double-curved TRC facade was realised. The successful cooperation took place from September 2016 to August 2018 between the Institute for Textile Technolgy of RWTH Aachen University (ITA), and the two small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) Penn Textile Solutions and Stanecker Betonfertigteilwerk GmbH.

The project objectives were the development of a drapable textile reinforcement for a concrete matrix and the production process (con-crete casting process) for double-curved TRC elements with continuous fibre reinforcement. Based on the expertise of Penn Textile Solutions GmbH in the production and development of elastic textiles, a new product approach for the development of a drapable reinforcement textile could be used in this project. A textile product was developed which is now used as a reinforcement structure for double-curved TRC elements.

The relevance of this research topic is not only limited to the project partners involved and the construction sector, but also affects several textile-based sectors, such as the automotive industry, since the draping of conventional, two dimensional, textile semi-finished products in three-dimensional, near-net-shape preforms often leads to creases or draping errors.

edited by Petra Gottwald

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