01. April 2019 | Buildtech

Carbon concrete - Best-Practice for leightweight construction

Mehrere Lagen Carbonbeton
Layers of carbon crete
Source: Ulrich van Stipriaan
Less weight, less energy and lower CO2 emissions are among the most important goals of lightweight construction.

More than 160 partners from industry and science are developing a new material composite of carbon fibers and high-performance concrete, the so-called carbon concrete, as part of the world's largest construction research project C³. By using stainless carbon fibers, the service life of existing structures can be considerably extended and that of new buildings significantly increased. In addition, the composite material not only enables a new design language, but also saves up to 80% of material and energy.

Building with carbon concrete is more effective, more efficient and, depending on the application, already much more cost-effective than building with reinforced concrete. Interest in lightweight construction and especially in carbon concrete is growing overwhelmingly. Carbon concrete is already being used today for the construction of new pedestrian bridges, platform systems, individual wall and ceiling constructions, as well as for the renovation of bridges and industrial buildings. Saxony is planning the first carbon concrete road bridge for 2020. In addition, the first complete carbon concrete building will be built in Dresden by 2021. The carbon concrete construction method is to be presented impressively over an area of around 200 square metres and its mass application demonstrated. Lightweight construction and carbon concrete are not a contradiction in terms, but the key technology for sustainable development in the construction sector.

The Federal Ministry of Economics sees lightweight construction as a "cross-sectional technology that requires close networking and cooperation between the relevant sectors, materials and technologies along the value chain over the entire life cycle of a product". The successful implementation of the carbon concrete construction method serves as the best practice example for lightweight construction in Germany.

edited by Petra Gottwald

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