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Sustainablity at Schoeller Textil

High-quality textiles have a long service life and can remain in use for longer. The fabric properties are further improved by smart textile technologies such as water- and dirt-repelling functions. This helps preserve the environment and cuts down on the use of resources. In its manufacturing, Schoeller Textil AG always considers the ecological compatibility of its products. Therefore, since 2001, production at the Swiss site has always complied with the stringent guidelines of the bluesign system. By conviction, Schoeller devotes itself to sustainable climate protection and takes part in the Energy Agency of the Swiss Private Sector programme to actively reduce carbon emissions and optimize energy efficiency.

wear2wear is an innovative industry partnership for high-quality and, at the same time, sustainable clothing. Competent partners in Europe have joined together and now cover the entire recycling cycle. Cutting-edge production systems turn textile fibres from used clothing into new, functional fabrics. In the protection apparel category, Schoeller offers a complete ecological package ranging from pants and diverse jacket fabrics to three-layer laminates.

Econyl yarn
The textiles manufactured by Schoeller using Econyl yarn are genuine upcycled products. The Econyl Reclaiming Programme from Aquafil S.P.A. reduces the quantity of waste material occurring worldwide by collecting regenerative resources from waste disposal sites and the oceans and returning them to the production cycle. In terms of quality and appearance, no difference can be detected between the resulting yarn and conventional textiles.

Recycled wool
Casual glenchecks in stone grey or shades of camel can be tailored to cool, comfortable travel companions radiating British chic and comfort. Thanks to recycled wool, the cork-based insulating corkshell technology and the ecological, PFC-free water-repelling properties provided by the ecorepel bio technology, this fabric from the Cosmopolitan collection is a shining example of a sustainably- and responsibly-produced quality product from Switzerland.

Recycled polyester and polyamide
Sustainability is also a core component for knitted fabric qualities made of 100 percent recycled polyamide with various degrees of compression. Thanks to coldblack technology, black fabrics heat up less and offer reliable protection from UV rays, which can significantly increase bike wear comfort. A similarly ecological concept is also the basis for knitted fabrics made of 100 percent polyester. These skin-friendly qualities are perfect for biking, fitness or running shirts.

Bio technologies
Schoeller’s portfolio also includes two PFC-free finishing technologies based on renewable primary products. 3XDRY Bio and ecorepel Bio technologies ensure reliable repellence of water droplets and aqueous dirt from the outer side. 3XDRY Bio also provides optimum moisture management on the inside and supports the body’s natural cooling function thanks to evaporation close to the skin.

Under the patronage of UN Climate Change and in keeping with the Paris Agreement, Schoeller, together with other leading companies in the global fashion sector, has decided to tackle the effects of the fashion industry on the climate along the entire value added chain and signed the UN Charter for Climate Action. For many decades, Sevelen has seen substantial investment in modern machinery, ideally tailored to production quantities. At present, the construction of an almost 5.000 square meter photovoltaic system on the roof is planned. These are just some of the efforts being undertaken by the long-standing Swiss company to leave a clean and healthy environment to the next generation.
PFC-freie Ausrüstungstechnologien
PFC-free finishing technologies based on renewable primary products
Source: Schoeller Textil AG
Textilien aus Econyl-Garn
Textiles made from Econyl yarns
Source: Schoeller Textil AG

edited by Petra Gottwald

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