17. May 2018 | Sporttech

Devan Chemicals: cool comfort technology during sports

Moov&Cool technology for sportswear
Moov&Cool technology for sportswear
Source: Devan Chemicals

Textile finishing expert, Devan Chemicals, launched its brand-new, patent-pending Moov&Cool technology at Performance Days (April 18-19) in Munich/Germany. Detailed as a 'cool comfort technology', the innovation has the potential to improve the athletic performances of both amateurs and professionals alike by regulating core body temperature. Moov&Cool, Devan’s latest textile finish, consists of a multi-functional polymer technology that absorbs heat during performance and improves the moisture management properties of the fabric. Applied by either padding or spray, the treatment targets and regulates core body temperature and simultaneously reacts to sweat build up and heat emission.

Devan’s technology has been brought to life in an effort to boost the performances of athletes. The company collaborated with the University of Leuven (Belgium) and the Bakala Academy to evaluate and prove the finishing technology. According to Devan, the first results look promising as they have seen an effect on heart rate and lactate levels. Furthermore, the first test results also highlighted a decrease in core temperature of around 0.4°C. Devan will continue testing in order to evaluate the impact of Moov&Cool when applied to different fiber types and fabric structures. The company aims to provide different application levels to optimise the benefits of the technology for individual sporting activities where performance intensity may play a major role in the protection required.

edited by Petra Gottwald

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