20. March 2018 | Oekotech

Tirrenina Nubuck now certified by OEKO-TEX

Polyester-Mikrofaser-Vlies Tirrenina Nubuck
Tirrenina Nubuck 0.5 manmade leather is available in 24 stock service colours. This 0.5 mm thick polyester nonwoven is certified as conforming to OEKO TEX Standard 100.
Source: Kuraray
Tirrenina Nubuck 0.5 from Kuraray has been certified as conforming to OEKO-TEX Standard 100. That means it can now use one of the most reliable textile quality labels. This manmade, polyester leather marketed under the Clarino brand is manufactured entirely without organic solvents, saves water, and is highly CO2 efficient. In addition, Tirrenina Nubuck has outstanding tear resistance, high mouldability and very good skin tolerability. The 0.5 mm thin nonwoven microfibre fabric comes in 24 stock service colours and is suitable for both technical and fashion applications.

Environment-friendly production
OEKO TEX has been certifying compliance with Standard 100, one of the world's best-known consumer quality labels, for more than a quarter of a century. Certification is based on stringent assessment criteria. "Our new production process for Tirrenina Nubuck meets the OEKO Text criteria for textiles that are free of harmful substances. It also cuts water consumption and CO2 emissions," explains Anna Fokeman, Marketing & Sales Representative Clarino. No organic solvents are used anywhere in the production chain. In addition, this polyester nonwoven has a minimal polyurethane content. The production process saves up to 70 percent water and cuts CO2 emissions by up to 35 percent compared with conventional methods. The end product is a tear-resistant, mouldable manmade leather that is just 0.5 mm thick and has low and even elongation properties.Tirrenina Nubuck can be used for fashions, in the home and for technical applications. There are virtually no limits on processing of Clarino manmade leather: it can be printed, laminated, perforated, embossed and stamped.
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