29. November 2018 | Events & Dates

Eurolaser presents large textile cutting

Der High-End-Lasercutter L-1200 Conveyor für die automatisierte Textilbearbeitung
The high-end laser system L-1200 Conveyor for automated textile processing
Source: eurolaser

Eurolaser, a German supplier of cutting solutions, offering processing tables up to 3.20 meters in width and length as well as additional modules for multicolour direct printing, labelling and engraving, demonstrates its modular L-1200 Conveyor laser system for large textile cutting. The laser is said tob e able to cut through various materials, e.g. plastics, adhesive foils, textiles and composites.

Clean cut edges are required especially for shading systems, individual decorative fabrics, room partitions and other home textiles in large formats. By processing the textiles with the laser tool, the cutting edges are sealed and thus prevents fraying. Compared to knife processing, there is no tool wear and the material can be cut without distortion in all directions. In addition to the laser cutting, the live demonstration will also focus on the use of optical reconition system, such as fiducial marks, by means of a camera for accurate cuts along the contour of printed materials as well as the label and print module for marking single parts.

Heimtextil, Frankfurt, Germany: Hall 3.0, Booth K75

edited by Thobias Quaß

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