08. January 2018 | Medtech

Foam and Nonwovens: Works for the modern wound care

Die Kombination von Schaum und Vlies hilft bei der Wundversorgung
The combination of foam and nonwoven can achieve a significant improvement in the absorption and retention of wound dressings.
Source: Freudenberg Performance Material

Freudenberg Performance Materials is presenting three additions to its foam portfolio: a direct coating of silicone adhesives, MDI-based PU foams, and superabsorbent nonwoven laminates. Thanks to the adhesive properties of silicone, such coatings not only make it easier to apply the foam dressing, they also minimize trauma during dressing changes. Compared with conventional transfer coatings the patent pending innovation has several advantages: It enables customers to offer wound dressings that are significantly more flexible than conventional products and adapt better to the wound bed. Furthermore, the effectiveness of antimicrobial finishes is improved. In addition, the reduction in the number of process steps and a lower level of complexity saves energy, reduces waste and simplifies the supply chain.

Faster absorption and greater strength of wound dressings should be possible with the MDI-based PU foam. "With our new MDI-based PU foam, our customers are able to offer modern wound dressings for chronic venous leg ulcers which absorb wound fluids much faster and have significantly better retention properties. In addition, these wound dressings are much stronger”, explained Marcus Simon, Manager Market Segment Medical at Freudenberg Performance Materials.

Higher absorption and retention of wound dressings is promised with the combination of hydrophilic PU foams and hydroactive nonwovens. This should achieve a significant improvement in the absorption and retention of wound dressings.

Another interesting development are the customized activated carbon filters for ostomy applications. They are used as integrated activated carbon filters in ostomy bags, targeted at the adsorption of unpleasant odors. Thanks to the company’s ultra-modern production and finishing options, Freudenberg Performance Materials can offer a wide variety of ostomy filter variants, both on rolls and as a finished product. These can meet the specific requirements of ileostomy or colostomy products, for example.

edited by Petra Gottwald

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