28. January 2019 | Sporttech

Thermo regulation to fully enjoy a skiing day

Appli: Fusalp gewinnt mit Polartec Innovationen Ispo Award
Polartec Power Fill
Source: Polartec
For Autumn/Winter 2019-20, Fusalp releases a Formula 1 - inspired men’s ski suit built from highly technical materials such as the Polartec Alpha & Power Fill, pushing one step further the overall product performance by combining advanced breathability, maximum warmth, quick drying, ease of care and light weight.

Fusalp is famous for its strong connection with great ski champions. This link is fueled by the brand’s ongoing research into technical performance and materials. The Monza ski suit, inspired by race drivers, acts as a bridge between skiing and car racing and highlights the common values of the two disciplines— elegance and performance. “When we started designing the Monza suit, we carefully selected high-end fabrics as well as the best technical tools to ensure the garment would be as light as possible and offer great thermal insulation and breathability,” explains Fusalp’s Artistic Director Mathilde Lacoste.

"Polartec is always impressed when our customers find the optimal use of our patented technologies Alpha & Power Fill into their award winning garment designs. Fusalp has done an amazing job integrating both Polartec Alpha & Polartec Power Fill in the Monza jumpsuit,” says Doug Kelliher, Vice President Product Management at Polartec.

A new concept in synthetic insulation focused on unsurpassed thermo-regulation
Unlike conventional synthetic insulations Polartec Alpha is a knit material that offers excellent stability and superior durability without the need for quilting or tightly woven fiber proof lining fabrics. Its unique knit structure allows for the use of highly breathable lining fabrics which permit body heat and moisture vapor to move through the insulation. This air permeability allows for warm air to move from areas of high concentration to areas of low concentration creating a more even distribution of warmth within the garment. High breathability allows unrestricted movement of moisture vapor; it dries faster than conventional synthetic insulations, and is extremely versatile and much more comfortable in a much wider range of activities than conventional synthetic insulated garments.

Thousands of small air pockets
Polartec Power Fill is a soft and pliable matrix of Polyester fibers engineered with a distinct geometric shape. This matrix forms thousands of small air pockets that continuously capture and contain body heat, while maintaining a resilient, equalized thermal layer between the colder air on the outside and the warmer temperatures inside. The polyester fiber's inherent hydrophobic properties also work to ensure that Polartec Power Fill resists moisture absorption and dries quickly, while maintaining a high warmth to weight ratio.

edited by Angelika Hörschelmann

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