06. March 2019 | News, Views & Markets

Premiere for first neolaminate

The German geosynthetics producer Huesker is showing its market-ready W8SVR neolaminate for the first time at JEC World 2019 this March. Due to improved properties from strength and stiffness to weight, it is said to be superior to classic composite materials such as organic sheets. This makes it suitable for use in the demanding sector of lightweight construction.

Based on organic sheets, neolaminate is an endless fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composite material (CFRTP). With the same strength or stiffness, W8SVR is up to 20% lighter than previous solutions. If the focus is on bending stiffness, the same strength or weight would result in up to 35% less deformation than conventional composite materials.

The improved properties can be achieved by using pre-stretched continuous fibers that are parallel arranged in a polymer matrix. Depending on requirements, these so-called UD tapes are further processed into neolaminate almost without ondulation (as fabric) or completely without ondulation (as scrim) with a width of up to 2,800 mm.

edited by Thobias Quaß

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