22. January 2019 | Buildtech

BASF: high-performance insulation in first carbon concrete composite facade elements

BASF zeigte Hochleistungsdämmstoffe
Slentite: slim and heavy-duty insulation panel used in family home in Leipzig
Source: Jessica Barthel /BASF SE

BASF’s Performance Materials division recently presented high-performance insulating materials at the world's leading trade fair for architecture, materials and systems in Munich. The innovative high-performance products Slentite and Slentex are a new generation of super-slim aerogel-based insulation materials with outstanding material properties. BASF presented its first examples of applications in carbon concrete composite facade elements in a single-family house.

Slim concrete facades for residential cube using Slentite and Slentex
Combining new materials with renewable energy sources is the secret of success of housing of the future. Currently under construction in Leipzig is a modern, cube-shaped single-family house that puts this principle into practice. In a central location, the three-story building is being erected with a hybrid load-bearing structure of carbon concrete composite (C³) and reinforced concrete. The exterior exposed concrete shell is a highly durable precast C³ element 4 cm thick, while the inner shell, also of precast C³, is 6 cm thick. To achieve an extra-slim wall construction, the new Slentite and Slentex high-performance materials can be used for the insulation between them, reducing the wall thickness in the non-load-bearing core by 50 percent over conventional insulation materials. For the overall facade element construction, this means a thickness of 18 centimeters for a KfW 55 standard wall with 0.21 W/m² •K. Slimming down the exterior wall significantly facilitates not only new aesthetic approaches, but also a gain in space, which is becoming increasingly precious in inner-city building. In addition, the two high-performance insulation materials can be integrated in the automated production of the elements in the precast concrete plant without further system adjustments. This is a feature offered solely by these high-performance insulants, as confirmed by Alexander Kahnt, chief architect and research associate at Leipzig University of Applied Sciences (HTWK): “Owing to their outstanding insulation performance, Slentite and Slentex are ideal for the production of slim precast element walls.”

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