06. September 2017 | Hometech

Lenzing: Natural trends in interior design

Botanisches Wohnen
Botanic living with Tencel fibers for carpets
Source: Lenzing
For textile flooring, Lenzing has developed its own Tencel fibers for carpets. The fibers have coarser diameters than the standard types and longer cuts. Generally, coarse, long fibers similar to wool are processed in carpets. So far, cellulose fibers have only rarely been the fiber of choice, since they are too fine and short. With the tailor-made Tencel fibers, broad usage in carpets, now is possible. The characteristic properties of fibers can be transferred to the carpet, leading to new product benefits.

Hygienic room climate
Temperature and humidity fluctuations in homes can be balanced out, due to the fiber's excellent moisture absorption and release. This helps to avoid the accumulation of moisture on walls and windows, hence preventing formation of mold. The special moisture-regulating properties distinguish Tencel fibers considerably from synthetic fibers, enabling room climate and hygiene optimization. If flooring has no ability to regulate moisture, it quickly can result in growth of bacteria, mites, and molds.

edited by Petra Gottwald

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