11. April 2019 | Indutech/Filtech

Lightning fast cleaning with Turbo Clean nonwovens

McDonald's Innovative Products & Processes Award 2018 für Turbo-Clean.
McDonald's Innovative Products & Processes Award 2018 for Turbo-Clean
Source: Turbo Clean

Every two years the world-renowned McDonald's Deutschland LLC Company honors its most innovative suppliers and partners with the Innovative Products & Processes Award for quality, economy, performance and delivery reliability. The selection criteria as well as the general requirements of the fast food chain are very high.

The McDonald's Innovation Award now goes to the innovative cleaning system from Turbo Clean.  A special nonwoven fabric that helps grease removal, cleaning and hygiene to be handled without water and cleaning chemicals, so that no waste water enters the waste water circuit. Smooth surfaces such as displays and windows can be quickly freed from greasy films with this fleece.

According to Fine Food Enterprises, a capillary structure ensures that the absorbed substances, including odors, are bound. The lint-free nonwovens, which are produced in Germany, can be used several times. A major disadvantage, however, is that it unfortunately cannot be washed and has to be disposed. 

edited by Petra Gottwald

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