07. September 2017 | Indutech/Filtech

Mobile power station for data acquisition systems in the automotive sector

Source: Ipetronik

Ipetronik is announcing a mobile power station with intelligent energy management for independent on-board supply of measurement systems in the automotive sector. The unit is being presented at the Automotive Testing Expo Europe in Stuttgart (20-22 June). The 12 V lead-nonwoven high-performance battery offers a capacity of 75 Ah and is used in all applications where it is necessary to ensure an independent supply for the measurement technology deployed.

Accordingly, it is ideal for applications in both electric and hybrid vehicles as well as in conventional vehicles with a combustion engine. Particularly however for electric and hybrid vehicles it is necessary to ensure that the installed measurement technology does not affect the test vehicle's electrical system and its energy management.

With the MIP-500, Ipetronik has therefore developed a mobile power station that decouples the automotive on-board electrical network from the measurement technology power supply. It supports both the stationary AC charging mode (230 V mains supply) as well as the DC charging mode (on-board supply) of the built-in high-performance battery. "The charge controller deployed allows the current used by the on-board supply for charging to be controlled in two stages. The electronics also prevent feedback from the 12 V lead-fleece high-performance battery to the vehicle's own battery. By evaluating CAN signals, the integral, programmable controller allows the DC charging mode to be enabled/disabled, such that it is possible to program for example that DC charging can only take place in a hybrid vehicle when the combustion engine is running. Thanks to the high charging current in AC mode, the power station is fully charged after a short charging time", explains the company.

Further features include the control of charge current of vehicle battery, the programmable CAN interface for vehicle bus communication, the ruggedized design for automotive applications and the mounting kit for individual in-vehicle assembly. The power station specified in accordance with IP code 21 (ISO 20653 - 2013) measures 1000 mm x 300 mm x 350 mm (W x H x D) and weighs 50 kg. It has a working temperature range of –20 °C to +50 °C. It requires a voltage supply of 85 to 265 VAC and/or the 12 VDC on-board power supply. The power consumption is typically around 1020 W.

edited by Petra Gottwald

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