04. December 2018 | Medtech

Covestro: from wound care to wearables

Medtech: Covestro
Aqueous polyurethane dispersions of the Baymedix CD range are an excellent starting material for seamless medical gloves. Such films can be produced e.g. in the dipping process.
Source: Covestro
At the Compamed Medica trade fair in Dusseldorf, which ended in November, Covestro presented solutions for all aspects of medical care. At the booth, visitors were able to find out about innovations in wound care - from low-trauma adhesives to highly absorbent foams to breathable protective films. The company also presented integrative solutions for medical devices and wearables.

Holistic solutions for wound care
Covestro offers holistic material solutions for all layers of modern wound dressings. Polyurethane adhesive components from the Baymedix A range are characterized by excellent breathability – an important prerequisite for moisture management in advanced wound dressings. The adhesive system can also be easily removed from the skin without sticking to the hair (low trauma).

Covestro Baymedix FP also provides polyurethane raw materials for foams with excellent absorption and retention properties. By directly coating the carrier film with the adhesive system or foam, process and laminating steps can also be saved in production which increases efficiency. Special thermoplastic polyurethane films (TPU) from the Platilon® range with a particularly mat surface round off the range.

Seamless films for medical gloves
Aqueous polyurethane dispersions of the Baymedix CD range were specially developed for use in latex-free, highly elastic films. Their outstanding mechanical stability makes them an excellent starting material for seamless medical gloves. Such films can be produced both in the dipping process and in the efficient roll-to-roll process.

Better wearing comfort through skin-friendly wearables
Wearable electronic patch devices are already being used in a variety of medical applications, including monitoring, diagnostics and drug delivery. They help patients gain greater mobility. The wearables must be worn on the skin around the clock for a prolonged period of time so they need to be particularly kind to the skin, comfortable, but also adhere firmly to the skin. Among other things, Covestro has developed special breathable TPU films from the Platilon range for this purpose.

The company also supports customers in the manufacturing with a process that allows wearables to be efficiently produced from roll to roll. The electronic module is fixed to the carrier film in one step and embedded in a thermoformable polyurethane foam that is fed onto a second film. The patch is then fixed with a special, skin-friendly adhesive. The adhesive system and thermoformable foam are based on Baymedix polyurethane raw materials.
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