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Medi develops orthopedic insoles with glass fiber

medi Rigidus f-tec: Schuheinlage aus GFK
medi Rigidus f-tec orthopedic insole
Source: www.medi.de

If the big toe is stiff and hurts when walking, experts speak of a hallux rigidus. In this arthrotic disease caused by wear and tear, the rolling movement is difficult. The consequences can be complete joint stiffness or painfully proliferating bone areas. Orthopaedic insoles such as medi Rigidus f-tec made of glass-fiber reinforced plastic from the aid manufacturer medi in Bayreuth/Germany can help patients with a painful, stiff big toe, the hallux rigidus.

The insert is characterized by a rigid glass fiber spring, which has high dimensional stability and strength. The Rigidus spring made of glass fiber ensures that the foot absorbs the energy released during its rolling movement and releases it again when it rolls through the glass fibre spring. The foot is naturally sprung, the unwinding process is supported and the pressure is minimized. This provides noticeable relief in the big toe joint. 

More freshness in the shoe
The medi Rigidus f-tec has a breathable hydrofresh cover made of 100 % microfibres, which regulates the climate in the shoe and absorbs up to eight times its weight in moisture. The cover effectively prevents odours and provides an extra portion of freshness.

Field trial
Studies show that an office worker takes an average of 2,000 to 3,000 steps on an eight-hour working day, for example on the way to work or when going to the copier. However, at least 6,000 steps per day would be health-promoting. medi has therefore put the medi Rigidus f-tec through its paces in internal laboratories. The result: the glass fibre springs passed the test without breaking - and all at one million steps. In addition, no deformations of the material were detected during the test. This means that even with a lot of exercise with about 5,000 steps a day, a hallux-rigidus patient can wear this insole for about six and a half months.

About medi
With its products and care concepts, medi is a manufacturer of medical aids based in Bayreuth/Germany and employs around 2,600 people worldwide. The range of services includes medical compression stockings, adaptive compression fittings, bandages, orthoses, thrombosis prophylaxis stockings, compression clothing and shoe insoles.

By Petra Gottwald

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