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More wearing comfort with particle masks

3M - Partikelmaskenserie
The particle mask series proves itself wherever reliable protection against solid and volatile liquid particles, from dust to spray mist, is required
Source: 3M
Since the introduction of the first breathing mask in the flat foldable, three-part design in 1996, 3M has continuously optimized the product series. The new, third generation 3M Aura 9300+Gen3 increases the benefits for the mask wearer once again. It is designed for the best possible wearing characteristics and combines safety, wearing and handling comfort in order to offer the greatest possible benefit for user.

New Cool Flow comfort valve
The new Cool Flow comfort valve opens 37% easier than the second generation valve. This allows 36% more exhaled air to escape (an example for FFP3). Thus the new comfort valve lets the breath warmth escape fast and reduces still more effectively the structure of heat and humidity in the mask. In addition, the new "Grip" function on the valve supports the holding and positioning of the mask on the face.

Attachment aids for a secure fit
Correct placement of the respirator is the key to a secure fit. This is why completely newly developed application aids facilitate the hygienic opening, pre-forming and application of the mask to the face. The noseband can be individually shaped to achieve a good fit around the nose and cheeks. The new comfort strap is made of textile material and is therefore very comfortable to wear, hard-wearing and tear-resistant. Due to its colour coding, the respective protection levels are easy to recognise.

Advanced Electret Filter Medium
The Advanced Electret Filter Medium (AEM) also contributes to the high wearing comfort. It has less volume and weight than conventional filter media because the 3M AEM's high electrostatic charge means that fewer fibers are required to efficiently trap particles. The open structure facilitates air passage, combining high and reliable particle filtration with less stress on the mask wearer.

Authentication possible online
For maximum security, the 3M Safe Guard process provides authentication. At www.3M.com/SafeGuard you can quickly and easily obtain confirmation that the particle masks used are original 3M products. The third generation of the 3M Aura 9300 particle mask series also proves its worth wherever reliable protection against solid and volatile liquid particles, from dust to spray mist, is required. Typical applications include metal manufacturing and processing, pharmaceuticals, woodworking, construction and automotive.

edited by Petra Gottwald

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