06. February 2019 | Sporttech

Odor-free polyester functional clothing

Sportkleidung ohne Geruch
Odor-free polyester sports wear
Source: Pixabay
Polyester sport and functional textiles treated with Sanitized Odoractiv 10 are protected against “permastink”. Already a holder of the Swiss Technology Award, the Sanitized Odoractiv 10 odor-management technology can now carry the bluesign sustainability label, the Skin Friendly certification from the Hohenstein Institute and the Eco Passport by Oeko-Tex label. Sanitized AG has been a bluesign system partner for over 10 years. An unwelcome odor can quickly develop in polyester sport and functional clothing, even if freshly washed. This is “permastink”. It’s a challenge to the textile industry as it generally reduces the attractiveness and market opportunities of sport and functional clothing made from polyester.

The patented, non-biocidal Sanitized Odoractiv 10 technology provides specific solutions and sales arguments for the end products. It works in two ways: The odor-causing bacteria can’t stick to the textile surface and are washed out completely in a normal wash cycle. This is due to the anti-adhesive “coating” applied in the padding process. This effect has been proven in a test procedure developed in cooperation with EMPA (Swiss Federal Laboratories for Material Science and Technology). Secondly, the treatment has an adsorbing effect. The odors are “trapped” and repeatedly expelled during a normal wash cycle.

No binder, no nano
Another characteristic: The treatment with Sanitized Odoractiv 10 doesn’t apply an additional binder system. The supplier does not use any nano technology.

edited by Petra Gottwald

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