23. July 2018 | Sporttech

Bostik Adhesive Technology fixes 2018 Tour de France race numbers

Race numbers of the Tour the France are fixed by Bostik adhesives
Race numbers of the Tour the France are fixed by Bostik adhesives
Source: Bostik

As official partner for smart adhesives at the iconic cycling event, adhesives specialist Bostik has developed an innovative technology which will be used to bond the riders’ race numbers in the 2018 Tour de France. The new adhesive application has facilitated the development of new numbers which stay securely in place without pins and are light, flexible and more comfortable for race competitors.
The company has worked closely with race organisers, Amaury Sport Organisation (ASO), to perfect the application and ensure it meets the requirements of the Tour.

The ‘smart’ solution, which is based on the firm’s Hot Melt Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (HMPSA) technology platform, is solvent-free and has enabled the production of fabric-based race numbers which are lighter, more flexible and offer improved levels of comfort for race competitors. Designed to meet the unique conditions of the Tour in terms of resistance to wind, rain and sweat, the adhesive technology has been extensively tested with the latest lightweight and moisture-wicking fabrics used in modern cycling jerseys to ensure the numbers stay securely in place over the 21 stages of the race.

Benefitting from its 2017 experience when it first supplied adhesives for this application, Bostik’s technical experts have continued development and testing with a variety of materials and coating weights. The result is an advanced race number which remains visible to aid race officials and commentators and can be easily removed at the end of each stage.

edited by Petra Gottwald

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