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Autefa: insulation nonwovens fabrics and advanced fiber processing at Techtextil NA

Techtextil NA, Autefa
Autefa presents solutions for thermo- and acoustical- insulation nonwovens fabrics, carpet production and advanced fiber processing
Source: Autefa Solutions

In the construction, automotive, and residential market, recycled materials and efficient thermal and acoustic insulation of buildings are the key factors that contribute to energy saving and to the reduction of natural resources consumption.

The aerodynamic web forming process with Autefa Solutions random card Airlay K 12 stands for an improved MD:CD ratio and a three-dimensional web structure. During the process the fiber material is opened up to the single fiber; this enables a high versatility regarding fiber choice, especially during processing of PET and fiberglass fibers. With the Airlay K 12 it comes to lighter weights and high loft fabrics.

Digitalisation, Industry 4.0 enters also the nonwovens market. The product quality in Autefa Solutions needling lines can be monitored and improved with the double Closed Loop Control System. A scanner determines the weight distribution of the final product while the control system corrects the profile in the crosslapper and the feeding section of the card.  The crosslapper Topliner in combination of Web Profile Control WebMax prevents the increased weight of the fabric in the edge areas. WebMax profiling is also integrated into the Closed Loop Control System which ensures that the fabric is profiled equally in both material direction and cross direction.
The Autefa Solutions Germany GmbH shows in Atlanta at their booth 2432 solutions for the processing and recycling of carbon-, glass-, aramid- and natural fibers.

edited by Petra Gottwald

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