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Idéal Fibres & Fabrics Comines (IFFC) receives Textile Industry Award

IFFC receives Textile Industry Award
Idéal Fibres & Fabrics Comines received the Textile Industry Award during the award ceremony of the “Trophées de l’Industrie des Hauts-de-France”
Source: Beaulieu International Group

Idéal Fibres & Fabrics Comines, a subsidiary of the Belgian Beaulieu International Group of companies,  received the Textile Industry Award during the award ceremony of the “Trophées de l’Industrie des Hauts-de-France”  on March 29, 2018 which is hosted each year by the Société Industrielle du Nord. These trophies reward companies who are selected by trade and pooling associations based on their exemplary performance, innovations and achievements in an area of specialty which is different each year.

As part of the Industry Week, the ceremony is each year a time of exchange, optimism and encouragement to flagship companies of the industrial trades.
Idéal Fibres & Fabrics Comines’ production site has been based in the North of France since 1993 and manufactures high quality polypropylene and polyamid based textured yarns for applications in the automotive, and commercial and residential building sectors. “We regularly invest in technology on the one hand, and in safety, security and working conditions on the other”, says Loïc Derôme, Operations Manager at IFCC. “For the past two years, we have invested around four million euros and, this year, we are in the on-going process of further developing our manufacturing resources to meet the technical needs of the market and to increase the safety of our site.”
With 185 people working on four plants on the French site, IFFC has created a dynamic work environment where self-initiative and innovation  are strongly encouraged.

Beaulieu Yarns

Beaulieu Yarns is an independent entity within the Belgian family-owned business Beaulieu International Group and part of its Engineered Products Business Unit. It is a leading manufacturer of polyamide (PA) and polypropylene (PP) yarns for contract, automotive, residential and technical applications. Its products are supplied in the form of bulk continuous filament (BCF) and ennobled yarn (twist, heatset and frisé). Beaulieu Yarns has two production sites in Europe – one in Belgium, one in France – and one production site in China.

edited by Petra Gottwald

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