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RKW presents films and laminates that provide an effective barrier against liquid

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RKW presents films and laminates that provide an effective barrier against liquid.
Source: RKW

The largest medical trade show in the world will, once more, be the platform for RKW to meet current and future strategic partners from the medical and wound care industries. At booth D16 Hall 6 the RKW team invites visitors to discuss product development and market trends, and to uncover the challenges that are yet to be met. At Medica 2017, RKW will presents its latest range of high-performance films and laminates for surgical and woundcare applications, conforming to the corresponding European standards.

The Medicace range is used in disposable surgical drapes which in turn offer the best performance in preventing cross contamination during surgery. The materials are also used in the production of back-table and mayo-stand covers.

Medical staff must feel safe and comfortable during even the longest surgical procedures. This is where our Gownace range of products is an advantage. Gownace provides optimum breathability and comfort levels as well as an effective barrier to liquids and bacteria. For woundcare applications, stringent quality is required. A reliable single-use wound dressing is critical for healing. With its Medifol brand, RKW offers a wide variety of embossed films and laminates that assure the level of quality customers expect from a respected supplier. At the show, RKW presents a range of products that meet the challenges of effective liquid barrier properties, comfort, flexibility and breathability.

Sophie Litt, RKW Sales Manager Medical says: “Reliability is critical when it comes to providing materials to the healthcare industry. Our objective is to supply the highest quality product, creating and sustaining long-lasting relationships with our business partners.”

Booth D16 Hall 6

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