17. May 2019 | Techtextil

High-performance cutting systems, modern software tools

Zünd auf der Texprocess
Integrated, intelligent, digital – from start to finish - Zünd presents modern digital cutting systems with comprehensive software support from textile capture to supported removal of finished cut parts
Source: Zünd

As in so many other industries, digitalization has long since made inroads into the textile industry. Consumers are demanding individualized offerings and flexible solutions, tailor-made clothing and furnishings to measure – all at "off-the-rack"-pricing. Design and configuration options are increasingly diverse as manufacturers become more agile and faster to cope with increasing market pressures and ever-shorter product life cycles. To accomplish this, however, manufacturers need appropriate production processes. In hall 4 Zünd is exhibiting state-of-the-art digital cutting systems with comprehensive production workflows that cover everything from pattern matching to projection-supported removal of cut parts. Integrated, intelligent, digital – from start to finish.

Software detects print image and faults

With an advanced optical system, cutting patterned and digitally printed fabrics is just as precise and easy as cutting non-printed or solid-colored textiles. The software captures the position of the printed image as well as any material defects, reliably detects complex patterns and any material distortions that may have occurred over the entire web. When compensating for distortions, the system perfectly maintains dimensional accuracy of the cut parts and their correct position on patterned fabric. Based on reference points, the software also automatically determines the most efficient parts layout and nesting. Cutting, pattern matching, and nesting occur simultaneously to ensure uninterrupted processing. And in a final step, the removal of cut parts is visually guided with a projection system.

S3 cutter for processing rolled materials

Zünd cutting systems are a key component of the integrated digital production processes being shown in several microfactories. These all-digital production lines offer garment and furniture manufacturers a perfect way to automate their production processes and at the same time optimize data flow. This results in a notably higher throughput, reduced error rates and labor costs, and ultimately, significant competitive advantages. In a production line devoted to technical textiles, Zünd demonstrates integration at an even more advanced level: a Zünd S3 cutter is set up for processing rolled materials, and a robotic pick & place device removes the cut pieces and deposits them in a container which then moves on to the next station in the automated production workflow. Another production line creating fashion uses a Zünd S3 cutter equipped with the Over Cutter Camera OCC. In seconds, the system reads the register marks, retrieves the corresponding cut file, and captures the position of the printed elements in the cutting area. 

Hall 4.0 Booth B40

edited by Petra Gottwald

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