10. April 2019 | Medtech

Intelligent yarns

Silver-tech Anwendung in einem Schmerzgürtel
Silver-tech application in a pain relief belt
Source: AMANN
The applications of conductive threads are wide-ranging. They can transfer electricity and data and thus provide information about the stress on components, temperature or humidity. Embroidered on car seats as touch switches or incorporated into the sole of a shoe, these intelligent threads could replace raw material-intensive plastic switches and cables. This not only makes them significantly more environmentally friendly; they are also easy to process and more pleasant to grasp or wear.

Conductive threads
Conductive threads can also offer advantages in medical technology: as an essential component of pain relief belts, the use of the conductive thread Silver-tech enables electrical impulses to be transmitted to the nerve end-ings, which has a positive effect on the patient's pain memory. Besides new fields of application, various processing methods also play an important role. Threads are now no longer only sewn or embroidered – the conductive Steel-tech thread, for example, can be integrated directly into the fab-ric and takes on the role of an RFID antenna, recording the number of wash cycles of an item of clothing, for example. Conductive threads can also be suitable as pressure sensors that are used in composite material recording stress data.

Light and space-saving
Intelligent threads can not only replace bulky parts in a space-saving way, they are also particularly lightweight. This makes them attractive materials, especially for future technologies such as electromobility or lightweight construction. In particular, when it comes to avoiding materials that are difficult to recycle, such as plastic and other synthetics, the threads make a significant contribution to the sustainability of components and products.

edited by Petra Gottwald

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