13. May 2019 | Techtextil

Speciality chemicals - sustainable and trend-setting

In the case of technical textiles, for example for occupational safety, the focus is on protection and functionality for the wearer. The Ecoperl product family from CHT provides highly efficient water repellency without reducing breathability or wash durability. Therefore, it is also excellently suited for close-fitting, outdoor and sportswear textiles.

In the outdoor and sportswear sector, the iSys AG based on silver or iSys ZNP based on zinc pyrithione, are mostly used. Fibers and fabrics can thus be bacteriostatically or fungistatically finished and can actively reduce odor formation.

New is also the formaldehyde-free surface finish Tubicoat TAB, which is used particularly in the automotive sector. It does not produce any color shade changes and does not have a negative impact on the handle.

High-tech coating have a large variety of applications. The Tubcosil products based on silicone coatings  are highly elastic, flame-retardant as well as water- and solvent-free and are excellently suited for this purpose. Another highlight are innovative composite materials such as textile concrete, the sustainable alternative to reinforced concrete. This is where CHT plays a leading role in "C³ - Carbon Concrete Composite", one of Germany's largest construction research projects, which can recently look back on very successful results.

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edited by Petra Gottwald

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