21. June 2019 | News, Views & Markets

Archroma to join ZDHC

Archroma has decided to join the ZDHC Foundation (ZDHC) as a contributor.

Archroma will actively engage in various task forces focused on supporting the continuous improvement programs of ZDHC.

“As a global and responsible chemical leader, we have a long history of continuously challenging the status quo in the deep belief that we can make our industry sustainable”, says Alexander Wessels, CEO of Archroma. “Our decision to join ZDHC as a contributor together with the GCIRT members is bringing the world’s most reliable chemical producers at the forefront of driving the change. I believe that this intensified collaboration between all stakeholders in the supply chain will strongly accelerate the adoption of dye and chemical manufacturing innovations and processes to help minimize risk to the consumer and the environment.”

edited by Susanne Haase

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