28. June 2019 | News, Views & Markets

Cevotec: Industry of the Future Award

Thorsten Gröne bei der Übereichung des SKF-Preises für Materialien und Prozesse der Zukunft
Thorsten Gröne at the SKF Award Ceremony for Materials and Processes of the Future
Source: Cevotec
Cevotec was honored with the SKF Award for Materials and Processes of the Future at the Industry of the Future Challenge in Vernon, France. Fiber Patch Placement, the technology for the automated production of complex composite parts, convinced the jury of executives from SKF, Atos and ArianeGroup.
The event was created to promote the adoption of Industry 4.0 solutions, make tomorrow's industrial production smarter and more sustainable, and increase the potential of future industrial facilities.

Cevotec, one of the 20 finalists from around 200 applicants from 47 nations, presented Fiber Patch Placement, a solution for materials and processes of the future sponsored by SKF. The additive fiber laying technology enables the automated production of complex composite components and thus the industrial application of lightweight construction technology to a growing number of components. Cevotec worked closely with SKF and ArianeGroup to align patch placement technology with partner production challenges identified.

Fiber patch placement technology is applied to multi-material (sandwich) components, complex shaped parts and local reinforcements. The time and cost savings compared to conventional processes are usually between 20-60 percent. Cevotec is currently working with aerospace manufacturers on various development programs.

edited by Petra Gottwald

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