03. May 2016 | Raw & Auxiliary Materials

Wacker presents Silicone Adhesive for wound dressings and tapes

At the 26th conference of the European Wound Management Association (EWMA), the Munich-based chemical company is presenting three new silicone adhesives: SILPURAN 2114, 2122 and 2142. These silicone gels, which were unveiled at the SAWC show in Atlanta (GA), USA, just a few day ago, are designed for the production of adhesive layers as used in traditional wound-dressing and tape products.


"All three silicone gels adhere strongly to the skin without sticking to the wounds, and they can be peeled off painlessly without leaving a residue," commented the company. The EWMA Conference takes place in Bremen, Germany, from May 11 to 13.

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