07. October 2015 | Research & Development


On October 5, 2015 SKKU Rector Kyu Sang Chung visited RWTH Aachen University for the precise planning of the joint project Dream2Lab2Fab.
f.l.t.r.: Dr Hyunji Park (ITA), Executive Vice Presi-dent Dr Ji-Beom Yoo (Syungkyunkwan University), Head of Institute Prof. Dr Matthias Jarke (Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology FIT), President of SKKU Prof. Dr Kyu Sang Chung (SKKU), Vice-Rector of RWTH Aachen Prof. Dr Doris Klee (RWTH), Head of Institute Prof. Dr Thomas Gries (ITA), Vice President Office of International Affairs Prof. Dr Suke Kyu Lee (SKKU), Adjunct Prof. (Clemson-Univ.) Dr Yves Simon Gloy (ITA)
Source: Martin Lux
RWTH Aachen University’s Prorector Prof. Doris Klee, ITA Institut für Textiltechnik’s Head of Institute Prof. Thomas Gries and SKKU-President Prof. Kyu Sang Chung met in Aachen, Germany, to intensify their cooperation and to finalise the German-Korean research proposal Dream2Lab2Fab.

Dream2Lab2Fab wants to develop necessary economic production technologies for smart textiles together with academia and industry and to make it ready for the market. In addition the two nations will combine their broad knowledge data base from different branches. Especially small and medium-sized enterprises shall benefit from this approach close to production. Dream2Lab2Fab plans to open two research institutes in Suwon, South-Korea, and Aachen, Germany, in 2016 at the same time to encourage the development of the production technologies for smart textiles.


Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU) is a private research university and with it’s 600 year’s of history it belongs to Korea’s oldest universities. SKKU-President Prof. Chung will be accompanied by his Vice-President (SKKU) Dr. Ji-Beom Yoo, the Director of the Office of In-ternational Affairs (SKKU) Mr. Byung Joo Park and the Vice-President of the Office of International Affairs (SKKU) Dr. Suke Kyu Lee.
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