26. August 2015 | Research & Development

How can we learn and take advantage of biological principles?

The 9th Aachen-Dresden International Textile Conference addresses a key question of the future technology development: How can we learn and take advantage of biological principles and how can we tune man-made technology to be in balance with nature? With regard to fiber, film and textile technology we address specific and step-by-step as well as disruptive new developments in the fields of 
• Fiber technology   
• Flexible electronics – Energy from light   
• Bio-based building blocks and biotechnology   
• Bio-inspired lightweight constructions

In addition, ADITC and Forschungskuratorium Textil e.V. organize a transfer session where achievements within the IGF-ZIM program will be summarized. This year France is the official partner country for the outline of the program, which comprises three plenary lectures, 8 invited keynote lectures and 55 contributed talks.

Plenary lectures
• Yves Dubief, President of the Union des Industries Textiles (UIT) /FR
• Prof. Dr. Thomas Speck, Freiburg Botanical Garden, Freiburg University
• Prof. Dr. Karl Leo, TU Dresden

Keynote lectures
• Hermann Issa, BELECTRIC OPV GmbH, Nürnberg
• DI Friedrich Weninger, Austrian Man-made Fibers Institute, Vienna /AT
• Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martin Trautz, RWTH Aachen University
• Prof. Dr. Michael Buchmeiser, Univ. of Stuttgart & ITCF Denkendorf
• Dr. Wilhelm Rauch, Industrievereinigung Chemiefaser e.V. (invited)
• Prof. Dr-Ing. Michael Sinapius, DLR German Aerospace Center, TU Braunschweig
• Prof. Dr. Stefan Jockenhövel, AME - Institute of Applied Medical Engineering; Institut für Textiltechnik der RWTH Aachen University
• Prof. Dr. Hubert Jäger, TU Dresden
For further information, program and online registration: www.aachen-dresden-itc.de

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